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Web Design

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If you create your own web site, and you have been scammed by an invention promoter you should consider telling your story on the web. I know that many inventors are embarrassed that they were taken. But an inventor not telling their story enables the invention promoter's conduct. An inventor telling their story can save countless other people from losing many thousands of dollars and even more importantly from having their inventing dreams die a little at a time, year after year, as they wait for the invention promoter to sell their idea.

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Register A Domain Name

RegSelect is an independent site that lists ICANN-approved domain registrars by price and features. Lowest price for bare registration $5.95  All other features cost extra. The Best Deal with bundled services such as forwarding.
Just $8.88 for a complete package of services such as forwarding both mail and to a web site. They do .COM .NET .ORG .INFO .BIZ .US  I transferred six domains to this organization.  The only problems I encountered were from the registrars who lost the business. Register for $12.99 one year, $55.00 for 5 years.  Includes free domain forwarding, but no email. Register For Flat $15 Per Year  Note that additional services quickly run up their price.  Otherwise their service was good.

Editorial Note: It is recommended that all web sites with commercial intentions use their own domain name since use of such a name allows you to use the same personalized email and web address regardless of which service provider you may be using or may change to.

Beware ! ! ! - - - Some registrars play games with the registration.  In effect they own your domain. I have lost three domains as a result of this.  Registrars whom I strongly recommend you avoid are Verisign (formerly Network Solutions), NamesDirect, and  

DotRegistrar's system is clumsy and difficult to use.  Their prices are higher then other registrars and the services are poorer.  Bottom line poor value.  Even worse is that they require you to purchase in quantity to get a decent price, and then refuse to refund unused registrations.  They also cancel paid registrations without notice. is a much better setup all around, better price and many more features included.  Better service and much easier to use then DotRegistrar.  DotRegestrar refused to refund about eighty dollars to Ronald J. Riley, founder of InventorEd.  Riley strongly recommends that you not use any of the companies listed below.
Verisign (formerly Network Solutions)

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Find Out Who Owns A Domain lets you search by Domain and Keyword

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Search For A Domain Name

MarksOnline Trademark & Domain Search Searches for domain names using multiple keywords
Eamnesia Domain Search - Fuzzy Search
Form to Figure out a Domain Name Another Neat Domain Search Tool Creates words and domains from your keywords.
UXN SpamCombat lets you search by Domain and Keyword

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Select An ISP To Host Your Site

How to Shop for an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to Host
How to Choose a Web Hosting Service (ISP) for your Business
TopHosts.Com - The Complete Webhosting Resource, the original Web Host Magazine

Editorial Note: Web hosting starts as low as $6.95 a month. Be sure to read the fine print!

InventorEd is hosted by pSekHosting, their plans start at $8.95 a month.  
No telephone, but good email support.

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Creating Web Pages

A Beginner's Guide to HTML
HTML Primer
HTML Basix - Meta Tag Generator
Bare Bones guide to HTML
CNet Web Building
D.J. Quad's Ultimate HTML Site
Freedback forms without writing the code
Home Page Journal
Java: Programming for the Internet
JavaScript Tips
Matt's Script Archive
RGB Color Chart With Codes
Rob Schluter's HTML Tag list
TRIM@Trix Webmaster Resources Jakob Nielsen's site (Usable Information Technology)
Urb's Home Page
Web Builder's Toolkit
Web-Counter Home Page
Web Design Group
Web Design Pointers By Ronald J. Riley
Web Developer's Virtual Library
Webmaster Ts World of Design
Web Page Design for Designers
ZDNet Developer

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HTML Editors

1st Page 2000  Raw HTML editor with extensive tutorials.
Pretty HTML A Clearinghouse of Shareware

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Stopping Spam Harvesters

Spam, unsolicited commercial email has become a huge problem.  If you do not take precautions any email address you post on the web will be collected and added to the spammer's mail lists.  You will in short order find that between four and ten spam emails will arrive for every legitimate email you receive. 

I recommend that you avoid listing contact emails on every page, and instead use a link to a contact page which in turn list the email.  This makes it easy to change the email address if you start getting too much spam.

Spam Links - Links to resources telling how to foil the spammers.

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Transferring Your Web Pages To The Server

Cute FTP

TuCows File Transfer Software Downloads

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Registering Your Web Site With Search Engines

FastSubmitPro Free
Add Me, FREE Site Promotion and Submission!
Web Site Marketing, Web Site Promotion
Web Site Promotion Tools

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Maintaining Your Web Site

BK ReplaceEm global search and replace
W3C Validator - Primer On Validators
Web Site Garage Tune-Up

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Clip Art & Graphics

Andy's Art Attack
Animated GIFs and Home Page of Michael G. Shaikun
Animation Shack
Celeste's Holiday Graphic Collection
Clip Art Connection
Free Animated Art
GIF Animation Site
Kitty's Graphics Index
Laurie McCanna's Free Art Site
NetMechanic GIFBot Image Optimizer Free
Pixelsight Home create icons on line
Ya Right

Google Search For More Clip Art Sites

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Optimize Your Graphics & Other Graphics Utilities

Beginner's Guided Tour
Converting Image Formats
NetMechanic GIFBot Free
Picture Dicer chops any image file into smaller images for creating mouse-over effects
Ulead Photo Viewer

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Merchant Accounts

eCommerce Resources

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Have you been Scammed?
Find out what to do here.
Please Notify Us Of Any Errors Of Fact - Click ErrorOfFact

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