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What is a Trademark?
What is a Copyright?

Do it yourself Internet Research Resources

Free Trademark Research Resources:

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Australian Trademark Database
Canadian Trademark Database
Cuban Trademark Database
Czech Republic Trademark Database
European Community Database
French Trademark Database
Government Liaison Services
Japanese Trademark Database
Philippine Trademark Database
U.K. Trademark Database
World Intellectual Property Organization

Notes: With the above you get what you pay for. All of the search engines work differently. This requires hours of reading each help file to ensure accurate results if searching more than one authority.

When conducting a trademark search, it is important to search each state database for conflicting trademarks.. The individual state databases will be listed in the future. All fee based systems have all 50 states available for searching. Only three have proprietary state databases. They are Thomson, CCH/Corsearch and

Fee Based Trademark Research Resources:

Avantiq® by Avantiq
CompuMark® by The Thomson Corporation
DIALOG® by The Thomson Corporation
Quatra™ by CCH/Corsearch
Saegis™ by The Thomson Corporation
Trademark Explorer by Questel/Orbit (click Products & Services)™ by MicroPatent

Note: Using one of the above will provide you with an interface that provides consistent searching across all authorities. Fees vary. Check the pricing of each to determine the right one for your needs.

Free Copyright Research Resources:

U.S. Library of Congress

Fee Based Copyright Research Resources:

DIALOG by The Thomson Corporation

Offline Trademark Research Services

Source Services
CCH/Corsearch Searching, watching and file histories.
Government Liaison Services  Searching, watching and file histories.
Thomson & Thomson Searching, watching and file histories. Watching, alerts and file histories. 

Note:  Contact each vendor for features and pricing.  The fee based links are to leading providers of trademark and/or copyright information. Thomson and CCH/Corsearch are not generally "entrepreneur" friendly, while NameProtect and is. Government Liaison is at times.

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