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These links are valuable for both marketing and political contacts.   Positive PR is important to market inventions, which is much harder than getting the patent.  It is equally important  to create and maintain the good public image that inventors now enjoy. 

Disreputable corporations, the very ones who are well known for stealing inventors property, are conducting a massive smear campaign against inventors.  For the companies who are crooked, and unwilling to change, the best way to keep juries from creaming them is to make inventors look as crooked. 

I urge all inventors to contact their local papers, generally business and local news reporters, about your invention and marketing efforts of same.  Feel free to contact me or to have them contact me to get background information for the articles.

Aside from the public relations implications trade journal staff can be valuable sources of information about how to market your invention. Writers and editors are gold mines of information about your target industry.

And if you send a press release to such publications they will generally run a short blurb announcing your new product for free.

Ronald J Riley (810) 655-8830, Fax (810) 655-8832

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Trade Publications

All libraries carry the Readers Guide to Periodicals which is a comprehensive index to magazines.   Many libraries have the guide available on line for students and faculty.

Trade magazines are published for specific industries and generally are free to qualified subscribers.  To qualify you generally need to be (or appear to be) in a position to purchase products that the advertisers in the magazine produce.   They will not send the magazine to students or libraries free of charge.   There are usually trade magazines that contain all the information you would get in popular magazines that you would have to purchase.

Most articles published in such magazines are biased in favor of a sponsoring company, but reading the publication over an extended time interval will tend to give you a great deal of valuable information, and the biases tend to average out if you consider many articles.  When looking for these trade magazines in the guides look for the term "controlled circulation" which means that the magazine is funded by the advertisers and free to those who purchase such products.

American Business Media's Members A trade org. of Trade Journal Publishers

Cahner's Publications, 115 controlled circulation trade journals

Collection of Trade Journal Links by Ronald J. Riley, Inventor

Penton Publications, many controlled circulation trade journals

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