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Technology Transfer Companies, Comments by Michael Odza, Publisher

Page last updated 11-27-96

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Date: Thu, 19 Sep 1996 16:54:53 -0700 (PDT)
X-Sender: modza
From: modza (Michael Odza)
Subject: Re: good tech transfer companies
Sender: owner-techno-l
Alice Yip, Chinese University of Hong Kong asks,

>Would any one know of some good technology transfer company that we may contact?

Dear Alice,

All of the following have distinctive qualities or advantages. (If they have specific disadvantages, I won't discuss them here.) Many more can be found in the pages of the directory published by the Licensing Executives Society,, although they are unrated, except by membership in the Society. However, the directory of tech transfer consultants does list some of their specialties (e.g., chemical industry, biotech, etc.), which may be helpful if most of your technologies are concentrated in a few areas.

Research Corporation Technologies, Tucson, Arizona, 602/748-4400, fax 602/748-0025, of the two largest worldwide, represents over 150 universities worldwide, now has innovative Ventures Development and Corporate Finance operations...a not-for-profit, but taxpaying company. Pays inventors a tidy sum immediately upon accepting a technology for possible commercialization.

British Technology Group, London, Tokyo and Bombay, and more recently in Gulph Mills, near Philadelphia, PA, U.S.: 610/278-1660, fax 610/278-1605. Recently privatized, also very large. Works with company portfolios as well as universities (more universities in UK than in U.S.). Has an interesting regional project with New Jersey and Pennsylvania universities, which adds some funds to promising technologies (START) .

Competitive Technologies, Inc., Westport, CT, 203/255-6044, fax 203/254-1102 (also has web site, but don't have it handy, Publicly traded. Another one of the pioneers, changed its name (formerly University Patents Inc.) and revitalized under former RCT president. Also has international representation in Japan, and recently announced representation of several European universities, after concentrating on U.S. corporate market.

EKMS, Inc., Cambridge, MA, 617/864-4706, gsc 617/864-7956: A smallish (staff of six) firm headed by entrepreneurial Ed Kahn, who has steadily grown his business over ten years. Less bureaucratic, less rigid as to form of compensation (I believe).



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