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Petition To Stop Invention Promotion Fraud

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We the people, are asking our Representatives to urge that the state Attorney General address the growing problem of invention promotion fraud. A list of companies and individuals associated with those companies who have been the subject of Federal Trade Commission enforcement action is available at

The invention promotion business has taken hundreds of millions of dollars from aspiring inventor-entrepreneurs in virtually state of the union. Invention promoters harm the economic prospects of virtually every community by taking money from inventor entrepreneurs. In most cases these funds would have been used to launch new businesses, creating jobs and prosperity for the community. Instead those fledging enterprises are stillborn.

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Please mail the original petitions to:

InventorEd, Inc.
State By State Campaign To Stop Invention Promotion Fraud
1323 West Cook Road
Grand Blanc, Michigan 483439
(810) 655-8830, Fax (810) 655-8832

Please include the name and address of your group

We will distribute copies to both State and Federal legislators.

Thank You,
Ronald J. Riley, Director InventorEd, Inc.

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