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Commercial Service Providers

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Please note that we offer these service providers names as a convenience to site users and a listing is not an endorsement.

A listing on this page is free. To be listed send a message to RJR as shown on the Contact Page . The only requirement being that the service provider wants to service independent inventors,  that we not receive unresolved complaints about the service provider, and that their operation does not have the MO of an invention promoter. Please note that InventorEd staff are the sole judge (jury & executioner) of whether or not to retain a service provider's listing on this page.

Ronald J. Riley 

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Inventors, please do not retain a service provider to do work if you do not have the funds to pay them. There is no better way to drive good service providers into the big business camp than to not pay them for their services.

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Co-ownership & Co-invention Are Risky

CAUTION Invention promoters and some other service providers may try to get an inventor to give them an interest in the patent, and some may even try to be made co-inventors. Be wary of both situations, especially of co-invention. Do not enter into such agreements without having them reviewed by counsel who ONLY owes allegiance to you and not anyone who may be representing the parties collectively.

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  Animated Graphics      

  • GRAPHICOMM Phone/Fax: 757-233-0283
    Corporate logos, t-shirt designs, print media, TV commercial spots, 
    instructional videos, power point presentations, CD-ROMs, DVD's and 
    website design.  

       Chris Reid is an  InventorEd volunteer, the creator of our logo, a 
       public service spot, and has helped out in various other ways.
By Chris Reid  

Internet Patent Search Service

Patent Agents  Educational Tip read: Attorney or Agent?

Patent Attorneys Drafting Applications (American)

Patent Graphics - Drawing Service

Patent Searchers

Engineering Services

European Patent Attorneys Drafting Applications

Patent Attorneys that will consider contingency enforcement

Paralegal Services

Management consultants

Marketing organizations

Prototypes & Production

Maintenance Fee Management

  • SGA2 Gérard BORIN - Rue M. DORMOY - 64000 PAU FRANCE - 33 55 99 0 1 2 3 4 - 33 55 99 0 1 2 3 5 (fax) Additionally deals with trademarks renewals on a worldwide basis.

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