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Anne McCaffery
Anne McCaffery's New Fan Web Site

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Ronald J. Riley

In a letter to Anne McCaffrey  I said:

"I am a 47 year old professional independent American inventor, and one of the leaders of a three year old movement in America of inventors who have banded together to protect and nurture inventors from those corporations who prey on them.  The movement has near thirty Nobel laureates, about fifteen National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductees, many other people of stature, and thousands of aspiring inventors."

"A big reason that I invent is science fiction (S-F), which I discovered when I was in seventh grade.  It taught me how to look at problems from different perspectives."

Mrs. McCaffrey  responded with:

"By golly, you're one of the quiet ones that s-f has influenced and I'm damned glad to hear from you. John W Campbell, fabulous editor of ANALOG Magazine, would have loved to know that s-f had that sort of effect on some young readers. He was certain it would."

This exchange made me realize that S-F readers and writers needed to hear that S-F has such an impact.  I discovered science fiction in seventh grade.  I became a avid reader of science fiction (and science fact with Analog being my favorite S-F magazine), which played a significant roll in the formation of my world view and ethical standards.   S-F helped create the mind set that makes me a prolific inventor across multiple disciplines. I firmly believe that science fiction is a great educational tool that allows concepts to be taught in a setting where the readers or contemporary prejudices are not immediately triggered, allowing them to learn to look at problems from different perspectives.  The thought process which S-F can invoke is similar in many respects to the way a good inventor looks at problems, and produces solutions for those problems.

Ronald J. Riley

Published In Analog Brass Tacks July/August 1998

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Science Fiction Links

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