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Long Distance Telephone Service

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All inventors, patent attorneys, and political activists use telephones and long distance great deal.  There are many gimmicks used by long distance carriers to market their products that effectively raise the advertised rates.  For instance, there is one program called the dime line which advertises a 10 cent a minute rate.  I used their service for a month and averaged the costs, the real cost of their service was 14 cents a minute. The company listed below has none of these gimmicks in their program.

In general, when comparing plans that have tenth minute billing to those which have full minute billing, you should multiply the full minute rate by 1.15 to compare it to tenth minute rate plans because the full minute plans always round off the the next highest minute.

Here is information on the most economical long distance carrier I have found.  5.9 to 7.5 cents per minute.

If you are aware of a better deal I would like to hear about it. Contact information is below.

And the best prepaid calling card I have seen is being sold by SAM's Club. Just 4.16 cents per minute, sold from small amounts of time like 100 minutes up to 1000 minutes.

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