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For five years InventorEd was a one horse show, in that I did all the work and funded the site personally.  I have invested about $70,000 to cover expenses since the start of InventorEd 1993.  And invested about 9500 man hours.  

InventorEd was incorporated and received IRS approval as a 501(c)3 non profit in 1999.  Since that time we have built a small core group of volunteers.  We support several inventor discussion groups which give aspiring inventor-entrepreneurs a venue to seek one on one help with their problems and a web site with nearly 500 web pages covering a broad spectrum of topics of interest to inventor-entrepreneurs.

While not the first organization to fight invention promotion fraud we are the most aggressive defender of inventors and outspoken critic of those companies who typically take between $10,000 and $30,000 from unwary inventors.

I am the founder of InventorEd and I am a commercially successful independent inventor-entrepreneur.  The success of InventorEd has led to both time and money problems.  To survive InventorEd must raise money and become self supporting.

I left an upper management position in 1990 to make my way as an independent inventor.  Like most inventors I invented first and then considered other business issues.  I received a very rude awakening, in that my invention was used primarily by the automotive industry, an industry which has a very long history of less then reputable conduct with inventors. Fortunately there are many other industries which are willing, even eager to work with inventors.

Most certainly these problems are not all business' fault.  Many inventors are poor business people with unrealistic expectations.  I cannot count the number of times I have connected an inventor with a willing company only to see the inventor kill the deal with greed or pride coupled with ignorance of business.

I created InventorEd to teach inventors how to interact with business.  We are achieving moderate success.

For many years I have felt there must be a better way.  I firmly believe that both business and inventors would benefit from a better working relationship.  It is very clear to me that industrialized countries cannot compete based on wages, but rather that being innovative is the only way we can maintain our standard of living in the face of low wage competition.  

For the good of our businesses and our people, we must create a better working relationship between those who invent and business.  It is in all our interest to do so.  

If you share that vision please consider sponsoring InventorEd.

Ronald J. Riley


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