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These links are valuable for both marketing and political contacts.   Positive PR is important to market inventions, which is much harder than getting the patent.  It is equally important  to create and maintain the good public image that inventors now enjoy. 

Disreputable corporations, the very ones who are well known for stealing inventors property, are conducting a massive smear campaign against inventors.  For the companies who are crooked, and unwilling to change, the best way to keep juries from creaming them is to make inventors look as crooked. 

I urge all inventors to contact their local papers, generally business and local news reporters, about your invention and marketing efforts of same.  See my web page Feel free to contact me or to have them contact me to get background information for the articles.

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Newspaper Association of America

American Journalism Review's NewsLink

Editor & Publisher magazine's MediaInfo directory of media outlets

Center for Media & Public Affairs' NewsWatch Web site's

AILEENA - Media-Index


AJR News Link


News Library Fee based.

NewsTracker from Excite

Newspaper Network on the World Wide Web (N-Net)

Compilation of News Sites Provided by Inet-News listserv Compiled by Jonathan Maier

CRAYON's news sources, Very big file and links do not work in all browsers.  I have duplicated the sections that are likely to be of interest to inventors as individual smaller web pages below for users who cannot use this link.

National News, adapted from Crayon's
News by State, adapted from Crayon's
News for Canada, adapted from Crayon's
News for World, adapted from Crayon's
Politics as Usual, adapted from Crayon's
Op-Ed, adapted from Crayon's
Weather Links, adapted from Crayon's
Business Links, adapted from Crayon's
Info Tech Links, adapted from Crayon's

Arts and Letters Daily

Total News

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