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Finding Mentors - A few pointers.

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Most new inventors benefit greatly from finding mentors, role models to learn from.  It is not always real easy to find the successful inventor-entrepreneurs or business people but there are many hundreds of thousands of them all over the world.  The point of this document is to give aspiring inventors a few pointers on how to find and then engage these people.

First start by searching the appropriate patent databases for people who have received patents who live near you.  Also search for people who have received patents in related industries, but those who are not likely to be direct competitors in your home country.  See, and

The top country for producing independent inventors is the United States, followed by Australia Canada and Europe. I have also seen some activity in India, a number of former Soviet block countries and one contact from Japan.  (This being my unscientific opinion based on contacts I have received over the last five years or so.)

Since the search engines for each countries patent database are different I can not give exact instructions, but in general you want to set up the search to sort by the persons last name.  Look for people who have received more than one patent, with the patents spread out over an extended time frame of at least five years.  

These are the people who are likely making money from their patents.  And those who are making money are likely to be the best mentors.

Also, do not forget to look for university technology transfer people.  See

Also identify and contact journalists who have covered your field, especially those who work of industry trade publications. See .

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