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Companies Who List IP On The Web

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 Many web sites are springing up to list inventions for sale.  Below is a partial list.

Caution, just listing ones intellectual property on the net without additional marketing efforts is of little value.  A few of these services are actively marketing the listed inventions, but most do not.  Also, there are really too many of these services for the market, and it is likely that many will fail.  (good source for PharmaNews and opportunities)  (just starting to add drug and device opportunities)  (Pharma-Transfer) pax Technology Transfer

This list was compiled from suggestions form several contributors:

Ronald J. Riley
Laura A. Schoppe
Minka vanBeuzekom

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From: Edward G. Tutle <> Cc: <> Sent: Thursday, April 13, 2000 1:29 PM Subject: Re: [techno-l] IP marketing on the web.

Laura, Ron, Colleagues:  Laura's list is reasonably comprehensive and indicative of entities who want to help inventors and small business entities.  Our cups runnith over and we have not mentioned all the SBDCs at local universities!  The folks in Flint may want to work with the local SBDC in some sort of consortium.  There is also the NASA/STAC folks and people like our CFIC (Central Florida Innovation Corp.) who works with industry sponsors in Florida.  Unfortunately the novice inventor has almost too any choices, and is looking for free services, but with little to no investment capital. This causes a lot of wheel spinning and little forward progress, which causes people to tire of the game. is a service for the large entities and has the contacts.  But little guys will not understand why yet2 oriented orgs are not capable of handling their fishing lure, or notched screwdriver, inventions.

But no one can say there is no help out there. SBA & SBIR contacts are also useful and have helped all sorts of inventors and small businesses.  However it takes an intelligent person to successfully exploit these resources. And money helps at the beginning of any venture.

Regards,  Ed Tutle

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