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How to Contact Your Legislator

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Capital Switchboard Toll Free Numbers
(800) 504-0031  (888) 898-7717 & [
(800) 343-3222 Note] (877) 866-6836

If anyone knows of other 800 numbers please let us know.  Contact Us

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Big Business
Screws Us All

Our Government at Work

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Tobacco Sponsered Toll Free Number

TO CALL: You can call your senators for free, courtesy of this toll-free number set up by the tobacco industry. Just dial 1-800-343-3222, punch in any valid zip code, and you will be connected to your senator; call twice to reach both of them. ***NOTE:
You'll have to listen to a little nonsense at the front which is okay since the tobacco industry is footing the phone bill on these calls. When they ask for your name and address, just stay silent 'til the recorder shuts off (a few seconds) and you get connected to your Congressmen!  Simple. Now get calling!

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