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The Scientific Process and the Swirly

I have  a theory, a hypothesis.  It is designed to teach the scientific process in a memorable way.

The hypothesis is that once a kid becomes a teenager that they are no longer capable of keeping their mouths shut during a swirly, and that if given a swirly they would be likely to swallow disgusting things.

Einstein makes a funny face
A 13 year old testing the hypothesis

How would we prove or disprove the theory?

We need to test the hypothesis by creating an appropriate experiment.

How many test subjects do we need?

How many times do we need to repeat the experiment to test the theory?

Should we be conducting the experiment with different contents in the toilet?  Would the contents play a role in rather or not someone would keep their mouth shut?

Should all the test subjects be teenagers, or do we need to test people of a variety of ages?  Would you like to test teachers?

What ages would have the hardest time keeping their mouths shut?  Would a thirteen year old be more likely to open their mouth at the wrong time, or the 19 year old?

Is this discussion a better way to learn about the scientific method then others?

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