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Science Fiction and Inventors

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FourHWeb Project - an effort to bring together all 4-H clubs and resources on the web in one location.
National 4-H Headquarters - National 4-H Council
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Boy & Girl Scouts

I am sorry to say that my families experiences with Girl Scouts have not been good. Not only did they miss important opportunities at the national level, they also victimized both my daughters several times.  And the director of the local council crassly used my younger impaired daughter to avoid addressing the underlying problems in her organization.   As a result of these experiences I suggest that girls and their parents should avoid the Girl Scout organization.  

While I personally have not had difficulties with the Boy Scouts, I have been very troubled by their stance on gender, religion, and sexual orientation.  In my opinion all children should be nurtured.  To exclude a child because of their religion or lack of religion, because of gender, or because they or their guardians might be gay is in my opinion flat out wrong and very shortsighted.

All organizations have a tendency as they grow both older and bigger to lose track of their mission.  This problem is usually driven by management who becomes more interested in feathering their own beds, perpetuating their tenure, than serving their clients.  Entrenched management of such organizations often becomes more arrogant over time.  The problem worsens until they go too far one too many times and the ensuing crisis leads to a management shakeup.  

I spend over 50% of my time promoting community service.  Much of my work is facilitating networking between inventors of means and worthwhile community service programs.  Repeated poor decisions by both Boy and Girl Scout organization's management has convinced me that they are not worthy of the inventor communities support.  I frequently communicate these views to potential donors.   I am interested in hearing from other people who have had similar experiences.  

Ronald J. Riley (810) 655-8830
1323 West Cook Road
Grand Blanc, MI  48439
President, Professional Inventors Alliance
Advisory Board President,
Alliance for American Innovation, Inc., Wash, DC
Personal page:
Views expressed are my own.

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