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MIT Page on Ronald J Riley

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Interesting Invention Links A-F G-J K-N O-S T-Z

The story of the inventor and the Gotcha Wired Puzzle
TAP Junior Girls and Teens in Science/Computers/Technology
Team Blue Lightning
Tech's "hands-online" interactive museum

The Tech Museum of Innovation Discover Links
HyperTech Exhibits
Selects 10 Top Technology Web Sites Each Month

Teen and Kid Inventors - Inventors Net Links
Terrace Inventors' Page
Thinking Like The Great Inventors
Think Quest
TIME FOR KIDS | Who's News | April 3, 1998
To Fly is Everything
TrackStar: Inventors and Inventions
TVO (Canada)
Tucows Kids Software
United States Foundation for Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology
Uniting a Nation: Two Giants of Telecommunications Grade
Vocal Point: A School Newspaper in the Information Age
Wacky Patent of the Month 
Walking penguin toy, ca. 1936; Pop-up clown, ca. 1930
Wilson Greatbatch, Inventor pursues the unknown
Windows to the Universe
WITA Young Inventors Network - International Site
What an Idea!
Women Invent! Press Release
Women Inventors Project - Women Inventors Project
What Kids Can Do
World Lecture Hall (WLH)
Yahooligans! - Science and Oddities:Inventions
Yellow Mountain Institute for Sustainable Living
YES Mag: Canada's Science Magazine for Kids
You Can with Beakman & Jax
Young Inventor '97
Young Inventor Edwin Land
Young Inventors Network - SWEDEN
The Young Inventor, The 1995 Young Engineers for Britain
Young inventor pushes skiboard toward the summit of success
Young Inventor Socks it to them at the C.Y.I.F.
Youth With A Mission Italy
USFIRST (Foundation for the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology)
Wacky Patent of the Month
Why Files
Women Invent!  An interview with author Susan Casey 

Interesting Invention Links A-F G-J K-N O-S T-Z

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