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MIT Page on Ronald J Riley

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Girl Power
GirlTech - GirlTech is by a not yet ancient woman inventor who focuses on helping young ladies.
The Great Idea Finder, Where Dreams Become Reality
HeadBone Zone
Hedy Lamarr: Actress And Inventor
Holo Kids
If You Build It.. (1/98) c980048
International Federation of Inventors' Associations, Women Inventors
Incredible Inventors! 6th graders at Gordon Russell Middle School in Gresham Oregon
Independent Inventor Industry Who's Who
Innovation Festival in Singapore
Intel's Teachers Corner
InterMountain Kid's People and Animals Corner
Internet Invention Store
Internet Public Library - Science Fair Project Guide
Internet Public Library Youth Division
Internet Science and Technology Fair (ISTF)
Intervision, Canadian Youth Business On-Line
Invent America (K-8)
Inventing a New Kind of Pencil
Inventing - By Barbara Feldman
Inventing Entertainment: Early Motion Pictures and Sound Recordings from the Thomas A. Edison Companies
Inventing Tomorrow Today
Invention and Design
Invention Convention, a program designed to foster creativity
Invention Dimension: Invention Ambassadors

Inventors's Club
Inventors & Inventions for K-12 Education
Inventors and Scientists Series Inexpensive Educational Products
Inventor Labs
Inventors World Magazine
Inventor turns attention to cubic foot of 'nothing'
Inventure Place, Camp Invention
Inventure Place, What about Kid's Stuff?!!
Innovative Lives
Jason Project
JETS home page
Junior inventors get creative in Fraser - 1-12-98
Junk Yard tells the story of a young inventor TRAPPED by Crazy Bob!

Interesting Invention Links A-F G-J K-N O-S T-Z

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