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MIT Page on Ronald J Riley

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Science Fiction and Inventors

You want to be an inventor but you not know where to start?

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Few of us can afford to buy all the books we would like. Many of these books are available at either your school or public libraries. If they do not have the exact title they will probably have something similar, so don't be bashful about asking the librarian to help you find a book.

But, there are very good reasons to deal with The Inventors Bookstore. To request a catalog call 1-800-214-2833, or  e-mail Jack Lander at: . Jack Lander is an inventor and author, and he has a wealth of knowledge. He can help you in ways that Amazon can not. When ordering from The Inventors Bookstore let them know that you found them at Riley's Inventor Resource web site.

Learning Software

The Genius of Edison - Order
Guerrilla Business, Automate your Business Plan
InventorLabs (TM): Technology - Order
InventorLabs (TM): Transportation - Order
Leonardo The Inventor™ 2.0 - Order
Jon Noonan Educational Software Celebrate Thomas Alva Edison !
The Way Things Work - Order

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African-American Inventors III
African American Inventors (Black Stars Series)
50 Nifty Super Science Experiments
100 Inventions That Shaped World History
101 Science Surprises : Exciting Experiments With Everyday Materials
101 Ways to Bug Your Parents - Order Paperback - Order Hardcover
Brainstorm, The stories of twenty American kid inventors. By Tom Tucker
Girls & Young Women Inventing : Twenty True Stories About Inventors Plus How You Can Be One Yourself
Inventing Stuff
The Kids' Invention Book (Kids' Ventures)
Kids Stuff Review
Put a Fan in Your Hat! : Inventions, Contraptions, and Gadgets Kids Can Build
Tech Girl's Internet Adventures. By Girl Tech, with CD
The Way Things Work, Book
Young Inventors

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