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Bullies, we face them at all ages.

I was constantly bullied as a child. Much like was depicted in comic depicting the famous Skippy® cartoon character. This was in part due to my different outlook about many things. It is not unusual for a group of kids to pick on anyone who is not part of the crowd. Once you are an adult there are not as many bullies, at least in one on one situations.

And the things which adults fight over are often driven by money or status. And just as the biggest kids may use their size to bully other kids, big businesses often bully smaller businesses or even individual people.

I mentioned the famous Skippy® cartoon character because the man who created the character often wrote about bullies in the comics he created around the little boy name Skippy®. The cartoon character Skippy® was always dressed in funny looking clothes, which led to no end of problems for him.

Skippy® was different because of how he dressed and also because he was a thinker.

The Skippy® cartoons made fun of many uppity people of the times, and many of those people really disliked the creator, Percy L. Crosby. I mention Mr. Crosby because those who didn't like what he wrote and those who wanted to steal his Skippy® creation for their own profit really bullied him. In the end they destroyed him. Read about it at .

The inventing business is a business full of bullies. In many ways being an inventor is like living in the wild west, where the winner is the person who can hire the fastest gun. If you are going to become an inventor you need to understand the history of how and why other inventors or creative people have been bullied by some businesses who are not so honest.

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"Why is Bestfoods bullying the little Skippy® once again?"

Image from Order 9-7-99, Schedule A

This picture was censored but it is back. But in a desperate attempt to quell public discussion of this topic CPC/Bestfoods got the judge to sign an Order on 9-7-99 making Mrs. Tibbetts withdraw permission to use the picture. But they did include the image in a public document. Click here to see the picture that scares a company I believe is a bully, CPC/Bestfoods.


There are thousands of examples, but some of the most famous cases are:

Percy Crosby, Creator Of Skippy®

Gorden Gould, inventor of the laser.

Bob Kearns, inventor of the delay windshield wiper controls.

Petr Taborsky, a student inventor who was jailed by his college. He dared to expect a share of the profits from his invention.

Philo Taylor Farnsworth 

Edwin Howard Armstrong

Charles Goodyear

Adults usually do not use their fists to bully others. Some use their position in business to walk on those who are lower in the pecking order. 

"Taking the Bully by the Horns" at .

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