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MIT Page on Ronald J Riley

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The US Patent Office Has Created A Site For Kids -Amazing Kids

Leap Frog Review

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SCAMS Target Children & Their Families

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About Inventing
An Inventor Never Grows Up By "Curious George" Margolin
Black Inventors, A story about, Theo
Bullies, we face them at all ages.
Gifted Children
Girls Invention Page
History of Invention
How Ronald J. Riley became An Inventor
Interesting Invention Links
Inventing Safely
Kid's Books and Software About Invention
Marching To A Different Drummer
Rocket Tales
School Invention Sites
Science Links Contributed by a Teacher
The Skippy story for Kids
The Scientific Process and the Swirly
Toy Inventor David Vogel & Erector Sets
You want to be an inventor - where to start?
Sketch of professor
Internet Safety
Kids Organizations
Kids Search Engines
Outer Space
Safe Kids Online
Science Fiction
For Teachers

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