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I am constantly adding names to this page and welcome any
suggestions readers care to offer.

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Jacob Rabinow Gadget Master
Ronald J. Riley Ronald J. Riley's Bio
Riley's Business Web Site
Inventor Resource Pages
Shocking story of Skippy
Inventor's & Airlines
Robert H. Rines

Bob Ross 1919 to 9-9-2004  Inventor, SCORE volunteer, and founder of The Inventors Council of Mid Michigan (ICMM)

Tom Scholz Tom Scholz - EE Times
Rockman line of guitar amplifiers and effects boxes
Web site devoted to Boston
Tom Scholz talks about ME vs EE, early music and guitar influences, his MIT/Polaroid years and "More Than a Feeling" hitting the charts.
His thoughts on business innovation.
About tube amps and recording early Boston music.
His objectives in the studio, and recording "More Than a Feeling".
His thoughts on the internet and the future of music distribution.

Raymond Scott

Luther George Simjian, 1905 - 1997 "Luther Simjian, 92, who held some 200 patents for inventions including the automated teller machine, the TelePrompTer and the flight simulator, died of undisclosed causes on Oct. 23 in Fort Lauderdale"

Sir Clive Sinclair, Welcome to Planet Sinclair!
Paul Reed Smith
Edwin A. Suominen inventor and Patent agent
Robert L.J.Stewart

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