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Dean Kamen
More about Dean Kamen
Founder of FIRST (Foundation for the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology)
DEKA Research and Development Corporation
Wizard Of IT
Invention At An Early Age:
Scientists As Superheroes:

Lawrence J. Kamm - consulting electro-mechanical engineer and inventor offering freelance services.
Nathan Kane
Manuel L. Karell, M.D

Robert W. Kearns

Patent Fending The famous delay windshield wiper case.

Jack Lander An inventor and author who also founded the Inventor's Bookstore

Rob Lange

Jerome H. Lemelson America's most prolific living inventor, passed away 10-1-97 - Patent Fending A great man will be sadly missed, but his work will live on.


Mike R. Levine is an independent inventor, currently affiliated with SmartVCR LTD Partnership. He received a B.S. in Math from NYU in 1958. He has taken extensive graduate studies at Courant Institute and UCLA. He has 10 papers published on mathematical algorithms for computers. He was Founder of Ann Arbor Terminals, and Quad Six Corp., now a wholly owned subsidiary of Honeywell Corp. He holds approximatey 100 US patents, including the programmable thermostat; architecture of the micro processor; on-screen programming for VCR's, and the electronic TV guide. He has been to the US Patent Court of Appeals twice and will probably be there at least one more time.


Richard Levy - Toy Inventor The Levy Web Page

George Morgan Independent Inventor & Patent Agent

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