Jerome H. Lemelson vs Ford Motorola


Jerome Lemelson is one of America’s most prolific inventors. He holds more than 500 patents, some of them dating back to the 1950’s. Because he holds so many patents in varied areas, he spends a lot of time in court battling with major companies over patent infringement. The companies complain that he is receiving broad patents for general concepts.

The suit stemmed from a series of 17 patents that Mr. Lemelson holds that include machine vision, bar codes, and other technologies and processes that are involved in making automobiles, semiconductors, and other products. Lawsuits from major car makers were filed at the same time as the one by Motorola. Mr. Lemelson filed countersuits in every case claiming patent infringement in each case.

In the settlement to this case, Motorola agreed to pay an undisclosed amount of money to Mr. Lemelson’s philanthropic foundation. The moneys will be used to promote innovation and technology, as well as co-sponsoring educational programs at MIT, Arizona State University, and other selected schools. The company can choose where the money goes but they do have a minimum financial agreement.

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