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Gertrude B. Elion

1918 to 2-21-1999
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Tribute by Ronald J. Riley

I am very sorry that inventor Gertrude B. Elion died Sunday, February 21, 1999.  She was awarded the Nobel and inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame for inventions related to treatment of leukemia, herpes, and immunity disorders.  

Dr. Elion was one of 31 Nobel recipients who joined with inventors to defeat so called "patent reform", changes in patent law which were promoted by the same companies who have a long history of treating inventors poorly.  

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Elion numerous times.  She attended the MIT/Lemelson awards annually since it's inception, and I also met with her at the National Inventors Hall of Fame inductions.  

She was a great role model for young women.  My 13 year old daughter (Meghan) met Elion last year (1998) and I think it made a lasting impression on Meghan.  

She worked tirelessly to promote innovative thinking in generations who came after her, giving of her time selflessly to encourage successive generations to reach for their full potential.  

Elion's success is especially notable because it came before society recognized what a waste it was not allowing half of the population achieve it's potential.  My strong convictions that women deserve equal opportunity is one reason that I gave women special attention in both my Kid's Inventor Resource www.InventorEd.org/k-12/ and the contemporary inventor Who's Who web pages located at www.InventorEd.org/inventors/ .

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