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I had several motives for creating the Inventor Resources.  One reason is that I feel that we must all contribute to the community and my unique knowledge of the invention process, coupled with the fact that I have extensive programming experience, and the fact that I am also a writer/journalist - meant that I was in a position to contribute by publishing on the web.  

But another reason is that I really hate doing repetitive things.  And I found I was fielding hundreds of telephone calls and e-mails a year (now e-mails alone run from 100 to 300 a day) from struggling prospective inventors.  Which meant I was repeating the same information many times daily.   

This also created a problem of deciding who to help and who should be allowed to continue to flounder.  Because bringing any invention to market is a full time job, there was no reasonable way for me to fairly choose who I helped.  

So, I started writing articles to address specific issues, and then I posted those articles on the web so everyone could benefit.  In this way one person's questions are answered but hundreds or thousands of other people also benefit with no more effort on my part.  Once I posted articles it made sense compile lists of useful web resources.  And as those lists became unmanageable it made sense to group links by category to make the material easier to find.  

After putting over 1500 hours in creating resources for adult inventors it dawned on me that our youth needed to be encouraged to become the next generation of inventors.  So in early 1997 I started writing and compiling resources for children .  This turned into an 800 hour and more project.  

From the end of 1997 to 10-1-99 I invested over 4400 hours in creating the inventor resource pages.  My burden, the cost to maintain an office, pay an assistant, book keeping, etc. is about $35 per hour.  This means I have spent over $100,000 of my own money to create this resource, and that doesn't count income I lost by doing this instead of something that would directly improve my and my families well being.  

So when you are surfing this site or other sites remember that each of the people or organizations who are putting information on the web for your use are doing so at considerable expense.  If and when you succeed, remember how you started and contribute in some way to the community by helping those who will follow in your footsteps.  Start contributing in little ways early in your inventive career, don't wait until you are sixty or seventy years old.  

I hope all prospective inventors learn how to succeed from this and other resources.  Inventing is not an easy way to make a living, but it is an honorable profession.  

Ronald J. Riley 

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