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Open Letter Distributed to mostly European Prospects

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My name is Ronald J. Riley.  I am an American independent inventor.  I rose through the ranks of industry and in 1990 left employment with a Sun Oil subsiderary to become an independent inventor.  After discovering that intellectual property was much harder to defend as an independent I founded the Professional Inventor's Alliance to allow independent inventors who were at the enforcement stage to share tactical information about how to deal with well healed corporate adversaries.  Seven years ago I became a very active participant in Washington, DC politics in regards to public policy on intellectual policy as such relates to the independent inventor.

As my public profile grew and many aspiring inventors contacted me I created web based educational resources to help those inventors learn the ropes.  This led to the creation of, an IRS approved nonprofit.  An important part of this entities work has been to help inventors world wide avoid fraudulent invention promoters.  To this end I created an index to companies who have been cited by the Federal Trade Commission for less than reputable business practices.  That directory is located at

As the United States government has closed in on invention promoters many of them have expanded their operations to other countries or even moved their operations outright to those countries, including Australia, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

I have received reports that Invention Submission Corporation (ISC) ( has used libel law in the UK to silence past customers, to prevent those customers from telling others about how they have been liberated of the equivalent of $10,000 to $20,000 US dollars.  Last year ISC used litigation to silence Michael S. Neustel, a Registered Patent Attorney located in North Dakota (USA).  Mr. Neustel founded the National Inventor Fraud Center Inc. (NIFC).  I also have reports that many other inventor advocates are being threatened by invention promoters like ISC.  And now, the same company is attacking me personally.  In my view this is a coordinated attempt to stop dissemination of information about the value of their services to inventors.

When I broke the story of how ISC, their attorney, and a host of companies had been named in  RICO (racketeering) ( action I received a demand letter ( to remove all mention of the defendant's name and any mention of the charges even though publication of such is constitutionally protected speech in America.  A recap of the case is available at:

The point of this post is to ensure that people in all effected countries are aware of the invention promotion problem and especially to make you aware that as we put these players out of business in America that they are moving their operations to your countries.  I invite those who are interested in this problem to collaborate with myself and others in America.

The key to stopping these companies is to coordinate actions against their operations in all countries where they have a presence.  We have launched a program in the United States to force each state's Attorney General to open investigations into the invention promotion problem.

I am looking to facilitate international cooperation between inventor advocates and governmental agencies to rid the world of invention promoters who take inventors money with virtually no results and in the process deny those people's communities the benefit of the jobs and prosperity those inventors could produce.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Ronald J. Riley
Personal Email:

President, Professional Inventors Alliance

Advisory Board President,
Alliance for American Innovation, Inc., Wash, DC
(202) 546-8700

Founder of InventorEd, Inc.

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