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How Inventor Friendly Companies Are Varies By Industry

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The percentage of hostile versus inventor friendly companies varies by industry.  And while not all large companies are hostile, many are.  My experience is that the number two or three company in an industry are more likely to be friendly.  

But some industries, like the auto industry, or the telecommunication industries  tend to be hostile at all levels.  The car companies mistreat their suppliers, who in turn mistreat anyone and everyone down through the whole chain.  But in other industries the prospects vary.  I have dealt with some very large companies who were very honest and some smaller companies which were just as dishonest as the worst of the big companies, but since their pockets were not as deep they were not as formidable.

There are often warning signs, but the inexperienced generally miss them.  But if you have a good
paper trail then you are in a much better position to press your cause through law.  And if you do not appear to be an easy mark you are less likely to be viewed as such.  

The other side, which Ed Zimmer pointed out is that if you appear as being excessively paranoid you may well inadvertently sour the relationship between yourself and the potential licensee.  There is a very fine line between "prudence" and "paranoia".

Ronald J. Riley

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