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Edward B. Friedman Retraction

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Freedman's demand letter:

The two documents to which he objects:

Per Mr. Friedman's demand letter I hereby retract the "nastiest pit bull types I have seen" and "legal thugs" remarks. I hold the practice of law in the highest regard.  Any inventor values litigators, for they are generally the only way we get paid.   I associate with many litigators, generally those who practice in intellectual property.   I often characterize them as "legal thugs" or "pit bulls" and also a number of other similar descriptions, and I have never had one react to such in a negative way before.  In fact, all of the litigators I know see themselves as hired mercenaries and they have viewed such remarks as a tribute to their skills, their ability to bring an opponent to their knees, and such comments have always brought a smile to their faces. To give Mr. Friedman's views full and equal exposure I have posted his demand letter at:

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Friedman's client Invention Submission Corporation requests
 and gets more quality time from Ronald J. Riley.

Is ISC Out To GET InventorEd Founder ?

Round One:
Pittsburgh WTAE Team 4 Creams ISC
Riley Tipped Them Off- And Gave Them A Ton Of Info Because:

Round Two:
 ISC Reamed again & ......
...... Davison & Associates Take Their Turn

Ronald J. Riley works with Time Magazine to give ISC proper exposure:

TIME Magazine Creams ISC


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