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The First Amendment
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People in all walks of life usually take the First Amendment for granted. The inventor community is no exception.

The founder of InventorEd, Ronald J. Riley, places great value on First Amendment rights and for that reason jumped into the battle between grandma Tibbetts and multinational CPC/Bestfoods by creating The Skippy case was a major victory for truth & justice, and defense of the First Amendment.

The invention promotion industry has not been very happy that the independent inventor community has been actively discouraging novice inventors from using their services. From time to time a number of invention promoters have tried to intimidate those who speak out by threatening to sue them. Such suits are commonly called SLAPP suits.

The biggest invention promoter is a company named Invention Submission Corporation (ISC). ISC stands out as the most aggressive in trying to stop people from discussing their rather dismal success rate of marketing inventions. In addition to threatening to sue inventors ISC has brought suites which silenced critics in both the United Kingdom and the United States.

First Amendment Advocacy Organizations

Institute for First Amendment Studies
Facing the First Amendment Future
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
Freedom Forum First Amendment
Electronic Frontier Foundation

Stories & Cases

I Want You Offline
Your Take - Online news site wins First Amendment victory
Landmark Case / First Amendment Protection to Internet
Internet Law - First Amendment

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