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Inventor Initiative Organizational Outline
Ronald J. Riley, Inventor & Entrepreneur

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1) CS Mott Community College becomes home of Hougen Inventor Contest  (Already funded by Doug Hougen)

A) Inventors Council of Mid-Michigan and area professional inventors mentor college student program participants from all area colleges.

a) College student participants mentor 7th through 12th grade contestants.

2) Sloan Museum inventor exhibit honoring invention. The exhibit will also include both student winners of invention contest and area inventors who have achieved commercial success, thereby diversifying area economy and creating jobs. (Funding still required & amount required is uncertain, estimate $10,000-$25,000.)

A) Student teams of one each journalism or marketing majors, business major, and engineering or science majors will identify, research, interview, produce a report, and submit their findings for consideration as recipient of inventor of the month or quarter award at the Sloan Museum.

a) Teams whose work is selected will optionally receive compensation.

b) The selected inventor will be ask to speak to interested students, cultural center staff, and business people with same covered by local newspapers. This creates a networking opportunity between commercially successful inventor entrepreneurs and academia, aspiring inventors, and the cultural center.

B) An annual award with hors d’oeuvres or dinner to honor one of the most outstanding inventors of the month. Invite prominent guest speaker from inventor community such as National Inventors Hall of Fame inductee or Nobel laureate. I have personal relationships or the ability to easily contact many of these people and can facilitate engaging them for the talk.

3) E-Teams will seek funding of up to $20,000 each from the NCIIA established by Jerome Lemelson but such teams will include journalism or marketing students in addition to business and science/engineering majors. E-Team participants will likely come from college student inventor contest participants. Please note that each institution may apply for their own grant. (Funding from NCIIA)

4) Regional Technology Transfer Center. Most people think inventing is difficult but marketing the invention is generally twenty times more effort that producing the invention. I suggest that we should establish a regional technology transfer center to service both independent inventors and academia such as Mott, U of M, Baker, etc. There are well established guidelines for this type of enterprise, which may be obtained from the Association of University Technology Transfer Managers (AUTM). A technology transfer center would need outside funding for five to ten years, after which it’s income from a percentage of licensed inventions should fund the organization. (Suggested funding Mott Foundation, inventors, or contributions from a consortium of the area institutions.)

5) Scholarships: I propose that we seek scholarship funds for students who show inventive and entrepreneurial potential. I suggest that each scholarship carry the name of the donor. Donors should have the option of offering such scholarships a year at a time or the option to endow a scholarship for a longer time frame. The awards of such scholarships should be staggered throughout the year to maximize publicity. It may make sense to announce the award of such scholarships at the monthly or quarterly Sloan presentations. The scholarships should be awarded by the Inventors Council and the Council should retain 20% to cover operating expenses. I.e. A $1000 scholarship would require a $1200 donation. (Funding sources inventors and area business persons)

6) The Inventors Council should solicit donation of a computer to be used for research of area inventors from local business.

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