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InventorEd, Inc
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Grand Blanc, MI 48439

The following telephone number is for business purposes.  It is NOT an inventor help line.  If you are an inventor join our email based discussion group to get help. InventorEd-L

Journalists, law enforcement, class action litigators, etc 
are welcome to use this number.
Phone (810) 936-4356 

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Don't Know Who To Write: 

Note that the email addresses are no longer clickable, you must type them to write us.  This was necessary to defeat spammers email mining robots.  We had to resort to this when the number of daily spam emails exceeded 1000!

Inventors, please don't bombard the directors with requests for one on one help.  We do not have the time or resources to handle such requests. If you are looking for help please see

We do have an inventor discussion group with about 300 people who will be willing to answer your questions, InventorEd-L.  Click here to learn more about joining the discussion group. 

Our Mission is to give inventors the resources they need to help themselves.  Please use those resources.

I am sorry but so many idiots spammed the directors of InventorEd that we were forced to  remove and change their email addresses.

David Pressman 
George Margolin  
Ronald J. Riley
Legal: Patrick Tracy, Thomas Workman, Tony Mainprise
Board: (1)
President Advisory Board:
Penny Ballou
Donald Banner  
Leonard Minsky  
 Gene Seach  

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(1) InventorEd's Advisors are listed solely in recognition of the contributions of services or other donations made by them to InventorEd, Inc. They are not involved in any fashion in the management or policy decisions of InventorEd, Inc. Accordingly, the Advisors have no liability of any kind whatsoever for any actions or omissions of InventorEd, Inc.

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