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Class Action Cases Against Invention Promoters

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InventorEd News 9/17/200

George Riess has brought a class action suit against ISC.  I just shipped him about fifteen pounds of  evidence.  I am also getting ready to transfer a bunch of electronic data to him.  I really believe that ISC's soft underbelly is the class action lawsuit.   As long as they are making a ton of money they can afford to harass other people.  But if they are stripped of their assets by class action and RICO actions then they will not be in a position to harass honest community spirited people or to continue to take large amounts of money with virtually no results.

There are also several other law firms looking at bringing their own class action suits.  Because of differences in state law I believe the most effective way of addressing the ISC problem is with one or more class action and or RICO actions in every state where they do business.

Because of the implied threat of ISC's sudden interest in the InventorEd web site I am now devoting a big chunk of my time to raising awareness about this organization with my media contacts.

THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION for every inventor to contact as many inventor's groups as they have time and to seek out past or present customers of ISC. Please pass information about these people to myself at and Bob Lougher at

Contact information for the class action which has been filed:

Polack, Rosenberg, Edom, & Riess, LLP
Attorneys at Law
938 Lafayette Street, Suite 100
New Orleans, Louisiana 70113
(504) 581-1422, Fax (504) 581-6974

File Number 31,610

Attorney bringing case: George Riess

Ronald J. Riley

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