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Sent: Wednesday, March 14, 2001 9:39 PM
Subject: last email

Mr. Waxman,  

The InventorEd web site clearly states that all emails are subject to being published.  The site also clearly states that any threats by an invention promoter will result in action being taken to give that promoter a higher media profile.  Several of your emails included threats in addition to the requests.  You are the third promoter to make such threats.  ISC was the previous company to do this.  You will note that they still have more links than you have.  

I suggest that in the future you should start out with a polite request, and no threat.  You can always make threats later if the nice approach does not work.  But when you start out with such threats, well it just is not the best approach.  

You should read the exchanges I had with Edward B. Friedman, ISC's attorney.  He also threatened me with litigation.  After numerous telephone calls and email exchanges  he suggested I needed to involve an attorney familiar with libel issues.  So we set up a conference call.  

After Mr. Levy, the attorney who was helping me out with the case announced he was with the Public Citizen Litigation group, Mr. Friedman became quite defensive.  At one point, while Mr. Levy was explaining the facts of life to Edward B. Friedman, he belligerently interrupted Mr. Levy saying something to the effect "that hot shot Washington attorneys did not respect him".  That is only partially true, for the reality is that invention promoters and their hired guns are almost universally disrespected.   

As to ethics, I am glad to hear that the word is in your vocabulary.  Since my actions were exactly what was spelled out in the warning to invention promoters not to make threats, which is included on the Caution pages, what is the ethics issue?   

Besides that, I really have no self serving interests here.  I make NO money from inventors.  The interests I serve are the public's interests in seeing that inventors succeed in creating jobs and tax base.  

You accuse me of lacking "civility and decency".  Well we are all products of our environment, and my environment is one where I must spend a very large amount of time kicking corporate butt to be compensated for my inventions.  I am very good at it.   

Now think about having hundreds of people like me deciding to adjust just about anyone's attitude, and you will have a glimmering of what cocky invention promoters face.  The crowd of independent inventors which I run with are nothing like the people invention promoters are used to dealing with.  

You now have the distinction of being the third and most recent invention promoter to threaten me with litigation.  Being most recent - you get top billing, at least until some other promoter earns that spot.  

Ronald J. Riley  

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