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----- Original Message -----
Ronald J Riley
IAG Bob Lougher
Sent: Wednesday, March 14, 2001 10:26 AM
Subject: Re: Waxman error #2

Mr. Waxman,   Once again the basis for the listing of your name is the Project Mousetrap documents.  After receiving your letter I rechecked the FTC documents and they do list you.  I did forward a copy of your email and my response to the FTC for their review.  In fact, all of our communications are going to the FTC and other interested agencies.  

I repeat, one of the FTC documents at  states "A third agreement bans defendants Robert Waxman and The Innovation Center, Inc. from selling invention promotion services to the public."  This is really quite clear.  

And lets make one thing clear, I have not published alleged misleading information, just a link to the FTC's publication of such.  If the FTC is in error please produce a document from them showing me this is the case.  If you can produce such a document I will publish it and even give you an apology.

In addition I have posted your letter, giving your claims  equal exposure to the FTC claims.  This is balanced reporting and it is not libelous or misleading.  In fact, most journalists would not publish your letter in it's entirety, as I have done.  That is one of the beauties of  web publishing, is that space constraints are not as limiting as they are in a print publication.  

The FTC has one position, and you have another.  Frankly, the FTC is a more credible source.  Even so I have let you have your say right next to what the FTC has said.  What could possibly be more fair than this?  

I repeat my request for a document from the FTC exonerating you.  If you like, I can do a Freedom Of Information request to get the relevant FTC documents and then post those documents?  

So far, all you have accomplished with your saber rattling is to move mention of you from a few obscure references lost in a rather extensive list on the "Caution List" web page to front page billing along with Advent and ISC.   

So one last time, carefully consider the implications of misusing the law as a sword to try and stop legitimate discussion of the public policy issues of the invention promotion business.  An attack by you on the First Amendment rights of inventors will get far more publicity than my example of Computer Assisted Reporting (CAR) about the invention promotion industry does on it's own.   

And in the end I would win the fight anyway.  There is a ton of precedent, protecting not only free speech in general, but also the same type of internet speech I have exercised with my reporting on the invention promotion issue.

Ronald J. Riley  

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