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3-13-2001   Via Email & Web Posting

Mr. Waxman,

Nice to hear from you.  You are most certainly infamous for many years of work in the invention promotion industry.

I just reviewed the Project Mousetrap material and there is no doubt that the FTC has listed your name in more than one document on their web site.

For example, in addition to there is another document at which states "A third agreement bans defendants Robert Waxman and The Innovation Center, Inc. from selling invention promotion services to the public."

As stated on the web site, the basis for listing you are the FTC publications. It is a fact that you are listed in FTC documents.  If the FTC listed you in error then please send me a copy of the document where they acknowledged the error.  I will forward the document to the FTC for verification.

Now that we have established that you are no longer supposed to be in the invention promotion business, I had hoped that you would join with America's independent inventors to clean up the invention promotion industry. I and many other leaders of the inventor community are very interested in using RICO laws, both civil and criminal, to address this problem. Someone with your experience would be a big asset.

Am I to believe you, or the FTC?  Which is the most credible source?  Since your objection centers around the fact that the FTC alleged you were associated with IPD, and since the issue is too complicated to address on one or two lines of the "LIST" web page, I am giving you your own "Robert N. Waxman Special Mini Section" at no charge.  This will allow you to tell your side of the story and give space to post a rather staggering amount of other documentation about your roll in the invention promotion industry.

To help you resolve your problem with the FTC I have passed your comments on to the responsible parties at a number of government agencies such as the FTC and various Attorney Generals staff.  I am sure they will be glad to hear from you and anxious to see that you receive justice just as soon as possible.

Aside from being an inventor, I am a journalist.  Your demands raise many issues, not the least of which are First Amendment issues.  Be aware that you are not the first invention promoter to try this approach and that journalists take an especially keen interest in First Amendment issues.  You may find my work in regards to the First Amendment issues raised in the The story of CPC/Bestfoods v. Skippy, Inc & Joan Crosby .

I will immediately post your letter (see the publication policy detailed on the web site ( ), so that your views get equal exposure in InventorEd's "Robert N. Waxman Special Mini Section". This will allow readers to see your position in a timely manner and to evaluate the merits of your claims.

I frequently receive inquiries from investigative journalists.  In the past I have been prone to focus their attention on ISC .  One example of such being the two page Time magazine article, by investigative journalist Mr. Barnes, which came out near the end of last year.,3266,90511,00.html   

Your letter implies that the FTC, and perhaps other arms of law enforcement, have wronged you.  That being the case, and since I am a strong believer in seeing that justice is done, I will be suggesting that journalists investigate your case.  Perhaps such will help you convince the FTC that you are not part of the invention promotion industry who routinely scams inventors.

This is especially important because there has been a rumor in the industry that you are associated with Invent-Tech or Invention Technology in Coral Gables, FL. There is a bunch of circumstantial evidence, in that the MO is much like that of some of your previous operations.  I am very interested in knowing if there is any truth in that rumor.

Litigation is such a nasty business.  I suggest it would behoove you to do some research into what the differences are between the inventors whom you have historically done business with and inventors like myself.

The problem with bringing meritless lawsuits, or should I say SLAPP Suites  ( ) , is that the targets of such suits have been known to counter sue.  And then to use discovery to acquire knowledge and documents which turn out to be of great interest to the government.

Why would any invention promoter want to give someone a personal ax to grind while opening the door to a fishing expedition?  The last thing any invention promoter needs is to cause any commercially successful inventor, an inventor who has honed their skills successfully fighting multinational businesses whose resources dwarf any promoters, to take a serious and long term interest in their business.

This is ten fold true when the inventor is part of a coalition which can focus far more attention on the invention promotion problem than any promoter in their right mind wants. See  What if I were to ask all those Nobel laureate economists to take a public stand about the damage invention promotion fraud does to America's economy?  Mr. Waxman, I want to thank you for giving me such a great idea.

When replying please bear in mind that I will publish what you have to say.

Ronald J. Riley

President, Professional Inventors Alliance  

Advisory Board President,
Alliance for American Innovation, Inc., Wash, DC
(202) 546-8700

Founder of InventorEd, Inc.  

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Views expressed are my own.

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