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Invention Submission Corporation (ISC) Returns Money! !

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InventorEd is the first to reveal this scoop.

Take a look at the USPTO's complaint web site.  Notice anything unusual?  

ISC, the biggest and oldest promoter has no listed complaints.  How could this happen?

OOPs, ISC Unpublished Complaints Now Publihed

Well we asked the same questions, and to get the answer we took a special interest in a few of the complainants who came to us.  We closely monitored their progress during the waiting period between the time the complaints are delivered to the USPTO and the results. We checked with those who we advised to file the complaints once a week or so.

Here is the story of what happens when someone files the complaint.

An ISC stooge (from their compliance department) contacts the poor soul who has spent an average of $10,000-$15,000 to get a very poor quality and narrow patent by the likes of Ivar Kaardal and a list of companies matched based on SIC codes and offers them about one quarter or less of what they paid to settle the complaint.  Most of the people are in desperate financial straits and jump at the opportunity.

ISC sends them an agreement with a gag provision which prevents them from ever telling anyone in the future that they were still fleeced for many thousands of dollars.

What most of these people do not know is that ISC cannot afford to have complaints published.  And they also do not know that they still have a right to go to law enforcement about the monies which were not returned.

What people can and should do is demand a full refund.  And if ISC is seeking further consideration in the form of a gag agreement the injured party should be demanding additional compensation, say another $10,000.

In light of the fact that ISC cannot afford to have complaints published I suggest that you should seek a nice round settlement of $25,000.  Stick to your guns, ISC will pay.

Before completing the transaction you should visit a dollar store in your area and purchase a generic tube of personal lube and send it to ISC's attorney Edward B. Friedman as a consolation prize.

Ronald J. Riley

This document was created in recognition of Brian M. Adrian's attempt to contribute to InventorEd's mission.

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