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I thank the Reporters Committee For Freedom Of The Press , Paul A. Levy with Public Citizen Litigation Group, and ACLU for their advice and encouragement.

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BEWARE: is ISC's new home and name. offers a free book "How We Work" The real story of how they work is available on the FTC web site at:


Be sure to check for published complaints on the Patent Office web site:

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  • Above Board Drafting, Incorporated
  • Adrian, Brian M. (Atty with Friedman & Friedman) 
    Attempts to use IEd Mail List
  • Aguinaldo, Armand Regional Director Pittsburgh, PA (ISC)
  • Adriot Computer Technique ACT
  • Bhakar, Vidya R. (Kaardal & Associates, PC)
  • Berger, Martin (owner ISC)
  • British Columbia Inventors Society (BCIS)  - Tied to INPEX, an ISC affiliated company.
  • Colitz Jr., Micheal (atty for ISC) Suspended 5 Years By USPTO
  • Colitz Sr., Michael (atty for ISC)
  • David J. Dietrich Ph.D. Partner Neville Group (INPEX Speaker)
  • Ecosearch Corporation Washington Patent Services, Inc. (Barbara & Dan Ferrew)
    Edward B. Friedman
    Friedman and Friedman
    Counsel For ISC
    900 Fifth Ave 2nd Floor
    Pittsburgh, PA 15219
    Domain Name: FRIEDMAN-LAW.COM
    Telephone 412-261-5834 - Fax 412-261-0350
  • Ron Foxcroft, Principal Fox 40 International (INPEX Speaker)
  • Frost, Robert 
  • Frost, Thomas
  • Gibeau, Pamela L. Compliance Department (Terminated 2001)
  • Herbert, Nora Pub. Rel. Dir. Pittsburgh, PA (ISC)
  • INPEX is a trade show sponsored by ISC INPEX WEB SITE
  • Intromark (ISC)
  • Kaardal & Associates, (owner Kaardal, Ivar) (patent firm who works with invention promoters) 
      !!!! Kaardal, Ivar Retires?????? - Under fire !!!!
    Bhakar, Vidya R. Mr. Kotab writes InventorEd
    Dix, Brendan B. (
    Patent Attorney)
    Eske, Mark A (
    Patent Attorney)
    Huck, Robert K. (
    Patent Attorney)
    Kotab, Dominic M. (Patent Attorney)
    Mr. Kotab writes InventorEd
    Leonord, Troy  (
    Patent Attorney)
    Lingbeck, David A.
    Prochl, Jeff  (
    Patent Attorney)
    Zilka, Kevin (Patent Agent)
    Mr. Kotab writes InventorEd
  • King, Jeff MEMPHIS, TN 38119 (ISC)
  • Lawlor, Jennifer - ISC executive
  • Locati, Norm 
  • McKenzie, Doug - Minneapolis, MN (patent attorney who works with ISC)
  • Miller, Melinda 
  • Paul Ninow District Manager Pittsburgh, PA (ISC)
  • Sidwell, Charles R. (ISC)
  • Straussman, Saul 
  • Proehl, Jeffrey A. (Patent Attorney)
  • Technosystems Consolidated Corporation (ISC)
  • Thompson, Joe GRAND RAPIDS, MI (ISC)
  • Washington Patent Services, Inc. d/b/a Ecosearch Corporation
  • Western Invention Submission Corporation (WISC)

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Have you been Scammed?
Find out what to do here.
Please Notify Us Of Any Errors Of Fact - Click

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