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Special Page for Invention Submission Corporation (ISC)

Has Invention Submission Corporation (ISC) Targeted Riley ?

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I receive many phone calls and a great deal of unsolicited material about invention promotion companies. I receive so much that it tends to pile up. But eventually I will sit down and start digging through it. 

The information pours in from people who have been scammed.

And from employees and former employees of invention promoters. Some people associated with the promoters send me information because of conscience, and some for vengeance. Many do so for vengeance, for it seems that founders and upper managers of invention promoters often treat employees even worse than they do the inventors.

Reading this stuff is addictive. One reason I procrastinate is that I know that once I start reading that I just cannot stop.

Now I cannot say if the documents are authentic or not. But to date none have been proven to be otherwise.

Having a bit of extra time, I dug into the ISC pile. This is one of the latest gems. What appears to be an ISC memo.

I invite ISC to comment on the authenticity of this document.

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This memo demonstrates that I and other inventor advocate-activists know far more about invention promoters, and especially ISC, than they ever dreamed possible.

I have received reports that ISC laid off about 20% of the Pittsburgh staff. Fortunately the best sources were not among those laid off.

As always, being a reputable journalist in addition to being an inventor, I am ready to correct any errors of fact. Now, some people might view the facts as "unfair", while others think they are inherently fair. Why is it, that after having years to make InventorEd aware of any errors of fact, that ISC has not done so?

Compliance Department

What is the "Compliance Department "?
Perhaps the SS resurrected?


Has ISC libeled Ronald J. Riley with this document? Contingency litigators are welcome to contact me. ISC has deep pockets and a ton of baggage.

hate sites ? ?

Skippy Peanut Butter First Amendment Issue
Northwest Airlines Passenger Rights Legislation
Senator Spencer Abraham Sold Out Inventors
Ousted from Senate, in part by Michigan inventors. Riley led the charge.
Dana Rohrabacher Sold Out Inventors
invention companies They have got to be kidding!!

"We are In good company".

Personally I would never have dreamed of grouping many of the people and companies ISC listed in their memo in the same category as ISC.  To do so may well be libeling those companies.  But since ISC has done so who am I to disagree?  I thank ISC for this public service.

"We have never met him" FALSE !!

It is a fact that I talked with, and corresponded extensively with ISC's attorney, Edward B. Friedman. In fact, virtually all that is documented on this web site. Yes, ISC and Friedman object to the contents of this site. But they just could not refute the facts. Reporting On Negotiating With ISC Attorney Edward B. Friedman

"direct clients to ISC's web-site"

I am glad to hear that ISC will be referring their clients to the web, for that will simply expose those clients much sooner to a multitude of resources which will educate those clients. No make that former clients, for an educated inventor does not use an invention promoter whose success rate is measured in terms of a small fraction of a percent.

This memo demonstrates just how stupid and arrogant invention promoters and their legal staff are. If they had an ounce of common sense they would know better than to do things to draw any inventor-activist's attention. For the more attention we give them, the more likely we are to help them get media attention. And the more media attention, the more likely law enforcement will take notice. It is a vicious cycle which no invention promoter has a prayer of surviving.

Ronald J. Riley

Pittsburgh WTAE Team 4 Creams ISC
Riley Tipped Them Off- And Gave Them A Ton Of Info

TIME Mag. Creams ISC

Invention Submission Corporation Memo

Note: The original memo was on an 8.5x 11 page and has been reformated for disply here.

  Compliance Department


To: All ISC Sales Representatives, Managers, and Service Representatives

From: Pamela L Glbeau

Date: January 31, 2001

Re: Response to Riley Site Matters

You should be aware that Ronald J. Riley has an Inventors Resource web-site that Is very unfair to ISC. He has published numerous false statements about our company. Consequently, it is extremely important to document any damage which he causes to ISC.

The following steps should be taken when encountering any Riley related matter.

1. Take very detailed notes of everything clients or potential clients tell you about Riley.
2. Make a written report to ISC in as much detail as possible. Document the report with dates, times, places. Give us clients' names, file numbers, amounts paid or lost. Continue to monitor the matter and send updates.
3. Send your reports to our Compliance Department as they occur.
4. Share with the inventor what we know about Mr. Riley, that he Is the author of several hate sites attacking others, such as Skippy Peanut Butter, Northwest Airlines, former U.S. Senator Spencer Abraham (now a cabinet member), and U.S. Representative Dana Rohrabacher, invention companies, etc. (We are In good company.) We have never met him nor has he purchased services from us. He writes he Is an inventor. We believe he has appointed himself to crusade against our type of business. We believe that he is highly confrontational and happy to engage in controversy. His knowledge of ISC is extremely limited and what he writes is full of misinformation and inaccuracies. We respectfully request that each client getting information from Riley tell us what is stated and allows us a fair chance to respond or send proof.
5. But, you can help yourself. Do not forget to direct clients to ISC's web-site. On this site, you will soon be able to see many new positive stories about ISC. This will include a great deal of new content, stones about our staff members, and examples of publicity and licenses obtained by ISC. (These of course will contain appropriate disclaimers or ADS disclosures.) Learn how to use and demonstrate our site live to these clients. (Our Sales Department will show you how.)

With your help, we hope to gather evidence against Riley.


Meanwhile, inventor advocates are gathering evidence against all invention promoters, especially Invention Submission Corporation.

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