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Edward B. Friedman Responds to Posting Notice

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----- Original Message -----
From: "Lisa Reckner Miller" <>
To: "'Ronald J Riley'" <rjriley@>
Sent: Sunday, October 01, 2000 8:36 PM
Subject: RE: ISC & the Caution Pages

Dear Mr. Riley:

 I disagree with many things in your E-Mail to me of Friday, September
29, 2000. You misstate, I hope by inadvertence, much of what we said,
including the chronology of events and the so-called agreement which we
never reached.

As you know, I never discussed Mr. Neustel beyond referring you to his
letter of apology to me and the fact that all claims he had made in his
suit against me were unequivocally withdrawn.  Despite your
protestations of good faith you just seem to want to continue to stir up
controversy.  I sent you a copy of the letter from Mr. Neustel and
quoted the language that Mr. Neustel and I agreed to use "that there was
no evidence of wrongdoing....."    You were informed that this
information was being provided to you so that you would understand that
the defamatory statements you are making with regard to Friedman and
Friedman and me are in fact false and you have no basis to state that
you are not aware of this.

You persisted in stating that Mr. Neustel was coerced.  I represented to
you that this was in fact Mr. Neustel's letter and that my intention was
to convince you to remove the defamatory information concerning me and
that you are now on notice that the statements you are making are
untrue. This remains our position.

To respond to each misstated point in your E-Mail would require a far
too lengthy response.  I have no problem speaking with you and your
attorney, Mr. Levy, in one final attempt to resolve this matter and
convince you to remove the defamatory statements about Friedman and
Friedman and me personally that is on your website. I suggest that we
speak on Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. or at 2:30 p.m. Pittsburgh time whichever
is more convenient to you and Mr. Levy. If this is acceptable please let
my office know as I'll be in court on another matter.

Your suggestion that I'm trying to soften you up for ISC is silly.  I
thought we had had a reasonable conversation together.  I told you that
my immediate concern was your defamation of Friedman and Friedman and
me. As a courtesy I initiated the call and spoke with you but also
informed you that unless you stopped abusing my rights and damaging my
reputation I would have no choice but to protect my own interests.  I
also informed you that, as you already know, I represent ISC and will
continue to do so as they have the right to counsel.  I agreed to
discuss issues between ISC and you at a later time, but, in my opinion,
whether you reach a resolution with ISC or not is irrelevant to the
intentional harm that you are inflicting on me and my law firm.

You, Mr. Riley, on the other hand, appear to have motives less
forthright than you profess.  You've been trying to confirm things that
never occurred, such as stating that I told you to publish Mr. Neustel's
letter or that you and I reached an agreement when we did not do so and
you  have not corrected the defamation which I told you had to be done
right away.  You must remove from your website all references to
Friedman and Friedman, Edward B. Friedman and the RICO lawsuit.
 Maybe it was my mistake to believe that you would resolve this in a
fair and reasonable manner, but somehow I still believe this can be
done.  I'll try once again in a discussion with you and your lawyer on

Edward B. Friedman

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----- Original Message -----
From: "Lisa Reckner Miller" <>
To: <rjriley@>
Sent: Monday, October 02, 2000 11:33 AM
Subject: RE: Correction to the E-Mail sent yesterday

Dear Mr. Riley:

In an effort to get you a response to your E-Mail on Sunday, while I was
out of the office, the language of my previous correspondence was
inadvertently misquoted.  Accordingly, paragraph 2 of yesterdays E-Mail
should be corrected to state that the language that Mr. Neustel and I
agreed to use is as follows:

"having found no ethical or
professional violations nor any fraudulent business practices, the
parties to the lawsuits have satisfactorily resolved their differences."

This is the language contained in our prior correspondence and which we
discussed over the telephone.

Very truly yours,

Edward B. Friedman

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