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Invention Promoter Caution List

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Special Page for Invention Submission Corporation (ISC) aka.

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BEWARE: is ISC's new home and name. offers a free book "How We Work" The REAL story of how they work is available on the FTC web site at:

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Behind Every Questionable Company
Like Invention Submission Corporation (ISC)
There Is A Team Of Questionable Lawyers.

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Per Mr. Friedman's demand letter I hereby retract the "nastiest pit bull types I have seen" and "legal thugs" remarks. I hold the practice of law in the highest regard.  Any inventor values litigators, for they are generally the only way we get paid.   I associate with many litigators, generally those who practice in intellectual property.   I often characterize them as "legal thugs" or "pit bulls" and also a number of other similar descriptions and I have never had one react to such in a negative way before.  In fact, all of the litigators I know see themselves as hired mercenaries and they have viewed such remarks as a tribute to their skills, their ability to bring an opponent to their knees, and such comments have always brought a smile to their faces. To give Mr. Friedman's views full and equal exposure I have posted his demand letter at:

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Actually ISC has a number of different teams but the main team, one which based on a review of the NIFC case is in my opinion some of the (I retract "nastiest pit bull types" and appoligize, now using:) "most formidable litigators" I have ever seen are:

Friedman and Friedman
900 Fifth Ave 2nd Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

And the top dog is Edward B. Friedman

On September 23, 1999 the National Inventor Fraud Center filed a complaint against:

Invention Submission Corporation (ISC),
Western Invention Submission Corporation,
Intromark Incorporated,
Technosystems Consolidated Corporation,
Martin S. Berger,
Kaardal & Associates, PC,
Ivar M. Kaardal,
Washington Patent Services, Inc. d/b/a Ecosearch Corporation,
Above Board Drafting, Incorporated,
Barbara D. Ferrell and Donald E. Ferrell


Edward B. Friedman
Friedman and Friedman

They were collectively sued under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).

The court declined to dismiss these claims in a ruling on Feb 17, 2000.

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Copies of all the court documents, including the RICO complaints are available online for a nominal charge by going to Civil case: CIV 99-4087. In addition, I believe that NIFC's RICO charges were reported in "RICO Law Reporter"

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In Plaintiffs' Brief In Resistance To Motion Of Defendants Friedman And Friedman And Edward B. Friedman To Dismiss Amended Complaint Pursuant To Federal Rule Of Civil Procedure 12(b) the National Invention Fraud Center said in their conclusion that "In the Amended Complaint and the Affidavit accompanying this Brief, the Plaintiffs have, in accordance with the cited applicable standard, made out a prima facie showing that Defendants Friedman have exceeded the bounds of an attorney-client relationship and have become active participants in the enterprise that is the subject matter of this litigation."

Mr. Neustel had told me that he was near broke. Several months later Mr. Neustel settled the case and the civil RICO action was dismissed. I only found out about this when during a follow-up call he indicated that he could not discuss the case or ISC aka. . The fact that the RICO case never had it's day in court is troubling.

The enterprise being discussed is the invention promotion business, specifically the business being scrutinized by the FTC is addressed in the following documents:

1: Invention Submission Corporation (2/94) aka., invention-2.htm,

2: Invention Submission--04/20/93 aka., invention4.htm,

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Why did I create this page? Well I really hate abuse of the process of law which results in short circuiting the First Amendment, free speech. And in my opinion, this is exactly what happened with the meritless lawsuit which the Martin Berger team brought to silence the National Invention Fraud Center about his company's (ISC aka. and affiliated organizations as named in the complaint) activities.

ISC and their associates have a long history of using courts to silence people who criticize their activities. They first did this in the UK, where free speech protections are much weaker than the US. Their successes in the UK led to attempts to do the same in America. Since the First Amendment makes such attacks more difficult the ISC aka. team has adopted SLAPP suits as their primary weapon against Truth & Justice. See SLAPP gate for more information about SLAPP suits.

This web site has reverse domain tracking, which means that I can monitor who visits these web pages. has HUNDREDs of hits on this site, and other sites which I host (ten sites and counting) over the last few months. It seems they are looking for a way to CENSOR this web site.

Since Edward B. Friedman is so interested in this web site it only seems fair to give him equal billing on the caution pages.

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I thank the Reporters Committee For Freedom Of The Press and ACLU for their guidance.

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Have you been Scammed? Find out what to do here.
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