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The Burdick Law Story

This page is dedicated to Bruce Burdick.  InventorEd honors Mr. Burdick for his community service and personal commitment and sacrifice on behalf of inventors.

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Invention Submission Corporation brought a SLAPP suit against  Bruce Burdick to force this information off of the web.  It was no accident that they picked on a sole practioner who lacked the resources to stop a big company like ISC from abridging his  First Amendment rights and the public's right to this information.

InventorEd obtained permission to use this information early on as a protective measure in the event that Mr. Burdick had to settle the case.

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ISC wants Your Business

Fewer Than One in 500 ISC Clients make more money than they paid ISC !!

BEWARE: is ISC's new home and name. offers a free book "How We Work" The story of how they work is available on the FTC web site at:


Presenting the Web Page ISC Wanted Censored:
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Invention Submission Corporation

Inventors Beware!!!

Your odds of losing money as an ISC customer are virtually 100%.

Before you give ISC any money, CLICK HERE

Your odds of making money as an ISC customer are virtually zero. 

# of customers known by ISC to have made more money than they paid ISC

   1995-1997     8/5291

   1996-1998   10/5537

   1998-2000   15/5017

   1996-2000   21/8685

   These are ISC’s own numbers!

“You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” Abraham Lincoln

At , ISC  does not fool us.

How Does An Invention Promotion Scam Work

Basically, by telling you what you think you know and what you want to hear, that your invention is great and the potential profit is huge and by pretending to be experts in getting inventions to market.

Is ISC a scam?

Check out Inventor Beware. Excellent 5 minute video clip describes Invention Submission Corporation's failure rate. (From Jan 22, 2002
and then

Check the Feder Trade Commission complaints on ISC[PDF 2.2MB]

It's your money and your decision

Invention Submission Corporation (ISC) is from Pittsburgh and here is what Pittsburgh Channel 4 investigative reprorter Jim Parsons reported

Here is what ABC News has to say about Invention Submission Corporation

Special InventorEd page on Invention Submission Corporation  warning extreme caution

Caution List (list of possible scam invention promoters, including Invention Submission Corporation)


Scammed? Here is how to complain

In Missouri, there is a complaint form you can use to alert the Attorney General to scams.

Red Flag List for Inventors

(list of warning signs about scams)


Who is behind Invention Submission Corporation  – MARTIN S BERGER

 Who is behind Universal Finance Corporation? – MARTIN S BERGER

To quote the Federal Trade Commission:

“The FTC's complaint detailing its allegations also names Western Invention Submission Corporation (WISC), Intromark Incorporated, and the parent company of all three, Technosystems Consolidated Corporation (TCC); as well as Martin S. Berger, who is the sole officer and director of the firms (collectively, ISC).  All of the defendants are located in Pittsburgh.” 

To Quote ISC’s hometown TV station

"We made many false promises, many false promises," said Kimberly, another former ISC employee who asked Team 4 to conceal her identity. "I mean, it was common practice on a daily basis for us to let these people keep hoping and wishing and dreaming. We were thriving on their wants. WTAE -Pittsburgh TV Channel 4,

NOTE: We do not assert that the FTC or Pittsburgh Channel 4 statements are accurate, just that they exist, and that their existence should make every inventor very skeptical in dealing with

INVENTOR GROUPSbefore sending 
money to ISC, or any similar company, 
contact one of these.  Inventor Groups are on your side.

They can help you avoid being scammed.

United Inventors Association of the USApublisher of Inventor Digest and tireless advocate of rights of independent inventor.

National Conference of Inventor Organizations

Illinois Innovators and Inventors, Inc. (meets monthly in Edwardsville, IL)

INTROMARK Affiliated with Invention Submission Corproation – CEO Martin S. Berger

Indicted by the FTC for fraud, now operating under settlement agreement with FTC, see below

Western Invention Submission Corporation – CEO & Treasurer, Martin S. Berger  This company is the one that purports to be the licensing company portion of the Berger empire
TECHNOSYSTEMS CONSOLIDATED CORPORATION CEO - Martin S. Berger, apparently the parent company of Invention Submission Corporation, Intromark, and Western Invention Submission Corporation.

Charged by the FTC for fraud, but paid $1,200,000 and is operating under a Settlement Agreement

Universal Finance Company, Inc. – Secretary & Treasurer Martin S. Berger 

Bob Amic is a former employee of ISC -- the company that said Parsons' phone hat was a good idea.

"It's all about making sure we get the money and keep the money," Amic said. "There were a lot of people who didn't have a lot of education who got talked into doing these kind of things with the hope that they were going to hit it and they didn't hit it, and they couldn't make the mortgage payments and they were worried about paying money to Universal Finance. That's a problem. It was morally repugnant to me, quite frankly." WTAE -Pittsburgh TV Channel 4,  


TECHNOSERVICE SERVICE CORPORATION another Martin S. Berger corporation INPEX – Claims itself to be THE WORLD'S LARGEST

But, alas it is run by Invention Submission Corporation.

ISC says: “INPEX provides an ideal forum for inventors, entrepreneurs or intellectual property owners to exhibit their inventions and try to make contacts with companies interested in new products.”  See the other boxes on this page might help you gain an insight as to which companies ISC might mean.and whether they would be of any help to you.

Remember Lincoln?

“You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was the only President to ever receive a patent.

Read this before doing business with one of Martin S. Berger’s companies. . .

     “Since 1984, according to the complaint, the defendants have sold a variety of invention promotion services to individual inventors in stages.  First, the defendants allegedly offer to prepare a "Basic Information Package" concerning the idea or product for $395 to $590.  In the second stage, the defendants offer to provide certain marketing and licensing services under a "Submission Agreement" at a cost ranging from $3450 to $4890, the complaint states.  Third, ISC provides any leads it may receive on a client's idea to Intromark, which allegedly attempts to negotiate a license for the idea or invention, with clients agreeing to share a percentage of any payments as a result of ISC's services.  (Additionally, ISC and WISC offer clients with more fully developed ideas a separate service called the "Market Supplement Program," for approximately $12,500.)  The defendants allegedly have promoted and advertised their services on television and radio and in newspapers and magazines across the country, as well as through telephone and in-person sales presentations.

     The FTC charged that the defendants have made numerous false representations in the course of selling these services.  Among them, the complaint alleges, were representations that the defendants' services have resulted in financial gain for their "Basic Information Package" and "Submission Agreement" customers, and that their clients have a reasonable expectation of realizing financial gain as a result of their services.  Neither representation was true, according to the complaint.”


The Commission vote to file the complaint was 5-0.

What was the result of that FTC Complaint?

     “Invention Submission Corporation of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has agreed to pay $1.2 millionfor consumer redress as part of a settlement of Federal Trade Commission charges it misrepresented the nature, quality, and success rate of the invention promotion services it sold to consumers.” 

     “The proposed consent decree to settle these charges would permanently prohibit ISC from misrepresenting its background and experience in the invention promotion field, as well as any material aspect of its services or business practices.”


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I thank the Reporters Committee For Freedom Of The Press , Paul A. Levy with Public Citizen Litigation Group, and ACLU for their advice and encouragement.

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ISC wants Your Business

Fewer Than One in 500 ISC Clients make more money than they paid ISC !!

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-----Original Message-----
From: Ronald J Riley
Thursday, March 27, 2003 4:53 PM
To: beb(at)
Subject: Re: ISC - Denial of Service Attack on My Website

Could you either give me a release to use your ISC page or on that page state that it is public domain?

 Ronald J Riley

----- Original Message ----- From: Bruce Burdick To: 'Ronald J Riley' Sent: Thursday, March 27, 2003 6:44 PM Subject: RE: ISC - Denial of Service Attack on My Website

You have my permission to use my ISC page and I release you and anyone to whom you send the page from any claim of copyright on my part.  In fact, the wider the information is freely disseminated and freely copied the better.  The information is public domain.  I do not claim any copyright.  The links are, as best I recall,  primarily to government and news sites or to information provided by ISC itself (such as their success rates, which come directly from Affirmative Disclosures I have in my possession from victims of their scams or from FTC press releases, United Inventors Association releases and the like).   I added a public domain notice on the bottom of the page .

My site is back online at the moment.  I think the attacks are scheduled every 4-5 hours, so there are windows of operability.

Bruce E. Burdick, JD, Reg. Pat. Atty.

Missouri : PO Box 10081 , St. Louis , MO 63145
Illinois : 3656 Western Ave. , Alton , IL 62002
Tel: 618-462-3450 

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The above reference to the Burdick Law site being back online is about denial of service attacks.  It is a fact that numerous inventor advocacy organizations have been subjected to virus attacks and denial of service attacks.  InventorEd traced one attack which went on for a few weeks to a server in Mexico.   The attack ended when we contacted the internet service provider and alerted them to the fact that their servers were being used in this manner.

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