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Special Page for Invention Submission Corporation (ISC)

Brian M. Adrian of Friedman & Friedman Tries To Access One Of InventorEd's  Discussion Groups.

BEWARE: is ISC's new home and name. offers a free book "How We Work" The REAL story of how they work is available on the FTC web site at:

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----- Original Message -----
From: "RJR InvEd" <RJR  InvEd org>
To: ""Brian M. Adrian"" <>
Sent: Monday, January 31, 2005 4:08 PM
Subject: Attempt to post to restricted InventorEd mail list.

I was notified this AM that you attempted to post to
Please be advised that we screen all subscribers to the forums.  We only
allow people associated with invention marketing firms who have a verifiable
track record of successfully commercializing inventions on our forums.
Unfortunately you client's record is on the order of a small fraction of a
percent, and even those numbers are questionable.

I have many issues competing for my time.  So, absent any other factors
which change my priorities I only devote five percent or so of the available
time to the problem of invention promotion fraud.   And of that five percent
only a fraction of it is spent on the issue of ISC, Friedman & Friedman, and
the other affiliated clients.

When any promoter or their lackeys mess with InventorEd in any way I focus
resources of the organization tightly on the offender for months.  Think of
this as quality time, where we help the target organization achieve their
full potential and widespread public recognition.  A competitor of your
yours became an example of this recently in your local news.

I know that your handlers are proud of their ability to reach into your
local government and courts.  In fact I have to say that I was impressed
when Mr. Friedman bragged to me about his wife's position as a judge.  I was
so impressed that I have now identified other people with similar
experiences.  Needless to say the implications of Mr. Friedman's boasts were
not lost on me.  But I think it likely he has not given this enough thought,
just as he failed to do so the first time he sought InventorEd's help with
the RICO embarrassment.

I have a degree of influence and reach at the Federal level which likely
rivals what your and related organizations enjoy on your turf.

You may not be aware that I am the President of the Professional Inventors
and that I was the President of the Advisory Board of the Alliance
for American Innovation for many years.  I spend four to eight weeks a year
in Washington and over the years have made many interesting contacts.  Mr.
Friedman received an educational experience from one of those contacts when
he requested that I introduce him to Paul Levy with the Public Citizen
Litigation group

 We have about sixty volunteers working behind the scenes and can easily
recruit more if the need arises.  A dozen or so of those volunteers are
retired Federal law enforcement employees who are busy collecting
information about several hundred companies for InventorEd.  Several other
volunteers are retired from the IRS.  Others are journalists and public
relations professionals.  It is an interesting situation because when we
have a compelling reason they can reach into many state and Federal
agencies, cutting rapidly through the normal red tape.

One example of our reach is the fate of Kaardal.  Mr. Friedman made some
threats, and some serious tactical errors in the past including drawing
InventorEd's attention with massive hits on our server.  This in turn caused
us to notice that there were also many visits from Kaardal's domain.  I am
sure you appreciate how that ended.

Finally getting to the point, are you demanding attention right now?  Or
would you rather we continue our current projects addressing other companies
and issues?  Perhaps even more important, would your clients appreciate the
fallout which your actions might precipitate?

Ronald J. Riley

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Have you been Scammed? Find out what to do here.
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