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Professional inventors wish to help invention promotion companies do the best job possible. To that end we are collaborating with numerous State and Federal agencies to help invention promotion firms achieve their full potential. 

In the case of Inventor-Link, LLC they are requesting that all references to them be removed from InventorEd's web site and a variety of other forums. 

To give their opinions full and equitable exposure we have created this mini section and are publishing per our Publication Policy all of their correspondence.

Wallet with money flying away It has been widely reported that many companies whose services are of questionable value - or even outright fraud - threaten to sue, and in some cases even threaten to hurt, those who speak out about the problem.  A warning for those who would try to quell free speech in the inventor community.  I work extensively with many journalists and other media.  Any threats, to sue or otherwise, will be promptly passed to the media.  This will get the questionable party much more publicity than this page alone does.

Any company who actually brings a SLAPP suit will be counter sued, and all appropriate information gleaned in discovery will be passed to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.


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This document is an OCR HTML facsimile of the original document.  The original is available on request.  We have made a reasonable attempt to make the HTML version as close to the original as possible, including spelling errors, typos, and formatting errors.

Dozier Internet Law, P.C.
301 Concourse Blvd.
West Shore III, Suite 300
Glen Allen, VA 23059
Phone: (804) 346-9770
Fax: (804) 346-0800
Dozier Internet Law, P.C.


Dozier Internet Law P.C.
October 12, 2007

Penelope J. Ballou-Beasley
3627 Huerta Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89121

Re: Inventor-Link. LLC- Notice to Cease and Desist Internet Defamation
Dear Ms. Ballou:

Please be advised that our firm has been retained by Inventor-Link, LLC to investigate and take legal action against you for engaging in the following activities (1) defamation of our client, (2) tortious (sic) interference with our client’s business; and (3) violation of our client’s website User Agreement.

Our client provides a professional service to inventors worldwide employing an experienced staff and a well-developed system for evaluation and development of inventors’ ideas. It provides prospective inventors with clear information and disclaimers, and it is very selective with regard to whom it chooses to represent.

You have willfully posted false and defamatory comments about our client on numerous websites, including Inved.Org, and Moreover, in republishing statements found on our client’s website, after having misrepresented yourself as a prospective customer, you also violated our client’s website User Agreement as well as state and federal laws.

Defamatory statements that we have found include, but are not limited to:


• “Who is behind it? They use Paypal ® so no way to find out. Only the shadow    knows and he’s not talking at present.”
• “Thus far three inventors (two from the northern England and one from Ireland)    may become victims unless they take heed and it looks like they are.”
• “There is an Oregon-based invention company targeting UK inventors for    enormous upfront fees (CS, 000 - £10,000) BEFORE they know what they are    buying ($10,000 -$20,000).
• “Plus, why would a US-based company ONLY target UK inventors when the US  has many more inventors and free resources to find them? It makes no sense unless    UK inventors have proven easy prey compounded by the fact that litigation for UK

October 12, 2007
Page 2

   inventors would be out of the question due to issues such as (a) jurisdiction, and    (b) cost of a lawsuit across the pond”
• “He was suspicious wanting to know how I got his phone number, where I live,    what is my full name...etc. Very weird (Spanish inquisition format)”
• “Upon site entry and after reading the usual prom promotional diatribe one fills in a generic “tell us who you are and what you have “form. Eventually one receives a    free “Smart-Start Evaluation Program” (the bait).”
• “their Evaluation appears to represent an incomplete rendition of PIES   (Preliminary Innovation Evaluation System) pioneered in the 1970s by Dr. Gerald    Udell”


• ‘Hit Paypal’s “Submit” button and it is all over but the shouting One will never    know who/where that money was cashed by.”
• “Of course, they are going to counter with “we don ‘t do any marketing or    licensing” or for that matter ANYTHING!”
• “inventors being required to remit money via Paypal® before knowing exactly    what they are buying.”
• “They are moving into dangerous territory for several reasons by seemingly    practicing law without a license.”
• “there appears to be NO contract (b) allegedly they write patents which is illegal.”
• “Their resumes and CVs are confidential because they have nothing of    consequence anyone would consider credible! Likely they were all former pen    pushers while they worked for invention companies to learn the ropes.”
• “Hiding and Evasiveness appears to be something they are very good at.”
• “Bottomline: they’d rather “waste you" than let you in on who they really are. It's    an old, old salesman's tactic -evasiveness rears it’s ugly head again.”
• “No wonder they operate in Hiding and are Evasive.”
• “It is but one more way to hide who is behind this enterprise.”
• “Who are these fools anyway!?!”


• Is it a scam, you ask? Let’s just say they “extrapolate” money out of UK inventors with a big smile on their faces as they head for the bank! 7/who-is-inventor-linkcom.html
• “Take a look here: 7/who-is-inventor-linkcom.html"
• Here’s a new one being “worked”for more material from current/former clients you might learn something from too:
• “It’s not even a Marketing Plan and obviously it would appear they don’t personally DO anything other than provide this stupid document you can put together yourself - - - even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and again!”
• “Why would a US based company only target foreign inventors one wonders. One reason, assuming what he stated is true, has to do with jurisdictional issues. It    would be very hard for a UK inventor to get monies back from a foreign company    (it is registered in Delaware as a corporation).”
• “Anyway, glad to have spared you all that wasted money. What shysters!”
• “Your invention is not what they are after......................if you get my point.”

October 12, 2007
Page 3

• “More likely than not the generic evalation they did for your invention will be    “exactly” the same as the one provided to an inventor I’m in communication with.”
• “(one assumes you’ve already received results from their free “Smart-Start    Evaluation Program.") And what a load of crap that is. It’s a generic “evaluation”    (Who is giving it? What are their credentials to evaluate anything?! More    importantly who owns this outfit?!!)”

These statements are defamatory in that they are utterly false and malign our client’s reputation by stating that its business practices are centered around ‘preying’ on UK inventors and that it is ‘hiding’ behind a ‘scam’ that provides ‘nothing’ of substance to ‘victimized’ customers. Even though you have presented these disparaging remarks as from an inventor guide’s perspective, your attempts to inform inventors have crossed the line in many ways and on multiple websites revealing a malicious intent on your part to harm our client. Much of the information you received from our client was retrieved through misrepresenting yourself and has been intentionally mischaracterized by you in order to drive customers away from retaining our client.

It is not our intention to restrict legitimate free speech, for we believe that the Internet is an important medium for dissemination of accurate and truthful information and for fair comment on issues of public importance. Your activities, however, violate our client’s rights.  In the statements listed above, you have depicted our client as a company that: 1) is ‘fly-by-night’ and does not have an experienced staff; 2) ‘hides’ and does not work at the address they provide to prospective customers for the purpose of ‘evading’ them; 3) does not provide unique evaluations to prospective customers; 4) does not provide a contract and/or clear description of its service to its paying customers; and 5) does not substantively serve it’s customers beyond collecting its fees. These conclusions, along with your statements in support of these conclusions, are false and their continued publication increases the damages you have already caused to our client.

In addition to the defamatory statements that have been published, your actions have also violated our client’s website User Agreement. This Agreement states explicitly:

By using this site you agree and understand that the HTML code, look, feel, content, company name, logo, text, and any likeness or derivative of such content is the sole property of Inventor-Link LLC and may not be used in any manner without the expressed written permission of Inventor-Link LLC. Furthermore, we strict/y prohibit any links and or other unauthorized references to our web site without our permission.

You have not received permission to use text from our client’s website, and yet you have republished the following text:

“Official Site of Inventor-Link LLC - Your Link to Success for Your... We know how to get your idea from a rough sketch to a finished product in the marketplace. If your idea has what it takes, we can help you get the results you want.”

You have associated your disparaging remarks with bona fide text from our client’s website with the purpose of harming our client’s business and diverting actual and potential customers. By using legitimate text that rightfully belongs to our client you are in violation of its website User Agreement.

October 12, 2007
Page 4

We hereby demand that you:

1. Immediately remove and retract all defamatory and disparaging remarks regarding our client from all posts and publications;
2. Immediately cease and desist in publishing defamatory comments about our client;
3. Immediately remove and retract all text that was copied from our client’s website; and
4. Compensate our client for damages it has suffered as a result of your activity, and for all Attorneys’ fees and costs incurred in relation to this matter.

This letter puts you on notice that should you refuse to comply with our demands by October 18, 2007, we will have no choice but to recommend that our client pursue all legal causes of action, including a lawsuit based on the foregoing claims, to protect it and its business interests. We will pursue damages, attorneys’ fees and costs incurred by our client as a result of your actions.

We strongly recommend that you contact us immediately to address and resolve this situation.

Donald E. Morris
Donald E. Morris, Esq.


cc: Inventor-Link, LLC


Comments Sidebar:

This was not part of the original letter.

Commentary coming soon.








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