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I am posting the below to get it out to the search engines so inventors in the UK using Google come across it. There is an Oregon-based invention company targeting UK inventors for enormous upfront fees (B#5,000 - B#10,000) BEFORE they know what they are buying ($10,000 -$20,000).


Who is behind it? They use Paypal B. so no way to find out. Only the shadow knows and he's not talking at present. Whether or not they are connected to and/or associated with Inventor-Link UK (I've been informed by a reasonably reliable source in the UK they are not but until I find out more it is debatable as far as I'm concerned especially since the UK operation charges large upfront fees plus a percentage). 


However, the Oregon outfit has come up with a shrewd way to avoid key identities being known. Thus far three inventors (two from the northern England and one from Ireland) may become victims unless they take heed and it looks like they are.  Particulars uncovered include:


1. Names:

a) Frank Good who signs letters "Marketing Strategist" (may be the owner???)


b) Jerry Jerome (very dodgy character). I personally spoke with him. He was suspicious wanting to know how I got his phone number, where I live, what is my full name...etc. Very weird (Spanish inquisition format).


He asked for my invention details in "general" terms then became dodgy stating, "we don't target US inventors our "niche" is UK inventors."  If that is true, why was he so interested in my invention,  knowing where I live etc knowing I was in the U.S. from the get-go?


Plus, why would a US-based company ONLY target UK inventors when the US has many more inventors and free resources to find them? It makes no sense unless UK inventors have proven easy prey compounded by the fact that litigation for UK inventors would be out of the question due to issues such as:


(a) jurisdiction,  and

(b) cost of a lawsuit across the pond. 

(c) P.Hartman (registered site September 2006)



2. Location:

The (impressive) World Trade Center ("WTC") tower in Oregon. Research shows it to be a "Regus Business Center" (offers amid other services "virtual" rental facilities) :,D300CRW05758,24,0,1,0-portland-oregon.html 

3. Corporate Registration:  (akin to the UK's "Companies House"):

Registered in Delaware. Interestingly, Oregon offers free viewing of "all" business registration info whereas the state of Delaware does not:

(a) reveal officers names

(b) one pays to download actual registration details

(c) printing only the front registration page is free, and

(d) they registered as a company December 1, 2006

(they could have been operating prior perhaps under a different name which is purely speculative at this point):

Enter :

Enter : Entity Name type, enter -  inventor-link LLC --to open document

 4. Free "Smart-Start Evaluation Program":

Upon site entry and after reading the usual promotional diatribe one fills in a generic "tell us who you are and what you have" form.  Eventually one receives a free "Smart-Start Evaluation Program" (the bait). It contains ten (10) pages having nineteen (19) categories each with five (5) multiple choices under it. After  their version of an evaluation is done by whomever, inventors receive this document displaying an arrow pointing to one (1) choice in each of the four multiple choice options under the nineteen (19) categories. Combined (one expects) all arrows together equal a "winner."

Sidebar: their Evaluation appears to represent an incomplete rendition of PIES (Preliminary Innovation Evaluation System) pioneered in the 1970s by Dr. Gerald Udell (now with the University of Missouri) who formerly researched and developed upon it further while at the University of Oregon while in the field of product development. An example of one category I-L sent to an inventor: 

Category: Safety Considerations.

Result:      An arrow points to the word "Safe"

Variables:  Very Dangerous; Dangerous; Moderately safe; Very Safe.


5. UK inventors call them in Oregon to discuss their next step and/or in one case an inventor in Ireland has been phoned three (3) times by Jerry Jerome in the last couple of weeks (the hook) regarding getting her really secured to it so she can't wiggle off by doing the following:


6. The final round is an emailed Paypal link. Open it to find NOT a legal Contract stipulating what they deliver; who to make a check (cheque) to; refund policy, etc but a "Market Strategy Plan" (in my opinion any twit can cut & paste one together from data found for free on the net).


One first pays to download the Plan as mentioned. I am expecting one day to acquire a copy of this "Plan" (my money says it will be the same invention-to-invention). Take a look at what one has to fill out in order to get (one hopes) their plan before it disappears from the web:

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USPTO Published Complaints

Read the Caution Flags List at .

Another information source is: Invention Marketing Companies .

National Congress of Inventor Organizations (NCIO)

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Have you been Scammed?
Find out what to do here.
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