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Note: Not to be confused with Inventech which was the first to use this name.  

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Posted by: Meeswee
11/30/2004, 20:57:4

Thank goodness I found this site. I sent in my idea to Invent Tech (it is a revolutionary new way to eat fingerfoods) so that I could receive their "free" new product market analysis to help me get an idea of how my invention might be developed and marketed.

What I got in the mail was a photocopy of a worthless piece of information that I could have found out for myself and it actually has nothing to do with my type of invention at all!

I spoke with
Andrew Wright on the phone a couple of times prior to receiving the info. He told me that he loved my idea and that it could be marketed around the world. He has since called a few more times but I just let my answering machine pick up because I am so disappointed in the information packet with CD and DVD. (not to mention the $895. plus shipping and handling they want!)

Now that they have a photocopy of my idea, can they legally do anything with it? I had checked with the Florida BBB before sending in my drawing and they checked out ok. I wonder why nothing showed up bad about them.

I'm just glad I didn't send them any of my hard earned money.

Thank you for letting me vent.

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In 2002 Invent-Tech teamed up with Ronald Perlstein (Discount Diamonds PA / Criminal and Class Action). Expert witness, William R. Lieberum, wrote about the case: ..."some of the larger cases are Manookian v. American Express, a large and very publicized class action suit, and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Ronald Perlstein / Ronald Perlstein Discount Diamonds (Criminal and Class Actions ).
He can be found as a jewelry scammer in a case of Commonwealth of PA against Ronald Perlstein in the Fortune Small Business (2/4/03) article "The Imperfect Pitchman" by Carlye Adler.",15114,419110,00.html

Perlstein started "Concept Media" ( a media company who, according to literature I have from an inventor, indicated with Invent-Tech they do the infomercial side of things.

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Hi Ed,

             My name is Kirkwood Young I am  a Bahamian , Presently in  the Bahamas , I have recently  sent  my "new Idea to Invent Tech " . A Mr ED Lewis contacted  me  by phone , I was given  the verbal  fee of $900.00 for  a  patent Search. ...... I  have , last year  paid Davison group. $1800.00 to ' work ' my  invention  I  then  Got a  bill  for  $9,000.00+ to  take  my  "Highly Prospective " Idea before  a  manufacturer  with  promise  for  about  1000 or  more  proto types . I have  recently  seen  a  web  sight stating  that I  can  purchase  a  U.S. patent  for  $80.00 .

WHO  can  I  TRUST  for  a  good  price  and  NO  hidden  fees ,  Which  Invention  groub  will not  charge SO MUCH  money. or  take  me  for  a  ride ??????   

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i watched the invent-tech commercial and was later contacted by jeremy globe, project director from invent tech. after a month and a half of wasting my time.i filed a complaint with the BBB.days later i recieved a call from jeremy globe, saying he didn't care and that he could handle the i asked some question's that i new he wouldn't answer. i mentioned the web site where there company is talking about inventors that have been in the news through broadcast and in print. i said give me one name. male or female? whats there product? what news agency CNN ABC locale paper? what manufacture purchased the inventor's product? i said to jeremy globe, if your calling the people on your site as being in the news i said thats not advertisment. i told jeremy globe, that the first guy in your member files danial A, and his super -t tool. i read his life story he had his product two years before going to invent tech and has been with invent tech for 5 year's. he is still on there site and his product is gathering dust. that dosn't speak highly of invent-tech when they need to market his product. a representative from invent-tech called me day's later and apologized for jeremy globes conduct.then they were back stroking trying to get me to go with there agency. i have found a company that dose premote there success story's on the web. they give first and last name. how much money the person made and upcoming royal's. thank you for your time

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Below was/is the 4-line link (reduced to one line via demonstrating the owner of Invent-Tech and her boyfriend and family member own a dating service registered to her, Pres of Invent-Tech (Gray Kooritzky) 112 Dudley Ave., Venice, CA 90291 (I show her at the address listed under her boyfriend's
Peter Doran (3109 Grand Avenue, #305,Coconut Grove, FL 33133 ) as does Joe Light at the Daily Press). In actuality she is living (Joe spoke to her last week) with Doran in Santa Monica California begging the Q, who is running Invent-Tech?

Link to page:

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Looking through the ID website and that of the "Scam Alerts" I don't find a clear spot to report potential marketing company scams, but I have just dealt with one I think warrants at least a warning. 

The company is Invent-Tech, located in Coral Gables, Florida.  They called me after I inquired for more information in response to I believe an e-mail message.  That they are an invention marketing company was obvious immediately from their sales pitch, although they tried to avoid admitting it at first when I asked.  Their story was typical, that they know how to market an invention, have contacts, etc.  When I told the representative I am out of prototypes he said that using one was unnecessary.  When I told him I thought that was actually a big problem the rep said they market the product with "3-dimensional technology", explaining that means printed graphics.  When I asked about interactive CDs the rep said that was unnecessary too, adding that it was too expensive anyway.  I recalled having sent his company the address of my product's website along with my inquiry, but the rep said he hadn't seen it yet.  Because he hadn't I told him that the product already has two U.S. patents and several foreign, either issued or pending, and up to a year ago had been licensed to a large local company that failed financially.  When I asked the rep with that in mind what he could do for my product he seemed much less friendly but pressed on with his sales pitch anyway.  When I asked whether his company was an advertiser in Inventors Digest he said no and asked what it was. I explained and said that I wouldn't do business with any company that didn't because I consider it a measure of credibility due to basic screening by Inventor's Digest and the United Inventors Association.  I told him that I make this my policy because I don't consider checking the FTC's database for sanctions sufficient.  After this the rep angrily criticized my policy as unnecessary and meaningless, in the course of which he blurted out "Private inventors don't know _____! (expletive)"   At that point I told him I didn't think we could do business and hung up.

I have been through a least ten years of working very hard to get my product licensed into manufacturing.  I would strongly suggest you at least post a "watch" warning about this company.

The two U.S. patents I mentioned above by the way, the second a CIP of the first, I wrote, applied, and "prosecuted" with very little or no Office Action objection, based solely on David Pressman's book "Patent It Yourself" and not a single word of assistance from any attorney.


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Below you will find links to explore Invent-Tech in more detail:



Once at the site, select: (1) Standard Case Search then (2) type Invention Technologies in the "Party Name."

I strongly advise you to become familiar with the American Inventors Protection Act of 1999 as found at:

Run cursor down to: SEC. 4102. INTEGRITY IN INVENTION PROMOTION SERVICES. If you can get them to give you their stats as mandated by federal law per the question you should be asking them on the above link, I believe you may find the answer to your question. 

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FTC Invention Technologies-Consumer Complaints on 
Invention Technologies Corp. (as of 01/15/02) [PDF 1MB]

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USPTO Published Complaints

Read the Caution Flags List at .

Another information source is: Invention Marketing Companies .

National Congress of Inventor Organizations (NCIO)

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