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The Story Of:

Edward B. Friedman vs. Paul Levy
How Ronald J. Riley Found Common Ground With Friedman

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Invention Submission Corporation (ISC) attorney Edward B. Friedman insisted that I needed a libel attorney to discuss my writing a story about Mr. Friedman and numerous other companies tied to his primary client ISC.

After Paul Levy explained to Mr. Friedman that he had made a few tactical mistakes in his dealings with InventorEd he became quite upset.

His voice took on the tone of a whining child and he rapidly said something to the effect that the hot shot Washington attorneys didn't have any respect for him.  

Finally we had a breakthrough, a bit of common ground, something which I could agree with.  I am sure that there is more then a bit of truth in what Edward B. Friedman had to say.

Mr. Friedman and his hot shot wife (local judge) may have some clout in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  but they are likely of little consequence in Washington, DC.

I want Edward B. Friedman to understand that the Washington attorneys and the inventor community give all the respect to which he is entitled.

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