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I thank the Reporters Committee For Freedom Of The Press , Paul A. Levy with Public Citizen Litigation Group, and ACLU for their advice and encouragement.

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Fewer Than One in 500 ISC Clients make more money than they paid ISC !!

Be sure to check for published complaints on the Patent Office web site:

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Friedman & Friedman is the firm which does it's best to mitigate the impact of the way Invention Submission Corporation conducts their business.  Edward B. Friedman is well known for his use of litigation to silence past employees and patent practioners who dare to speak out about the reality of the business as practiced by their clients.  I fact, he became so confident that he even sued the Patent Office, and they handed him his head over that miscalculation.

Brian M. Adrian of Friedman & Friedman Triggers Site Update & Other Events

Brian M. Adrian of Friedman & Friedman Tries To 
Access One Of InventorEd's  Discussion Groups.

How Ronald J. Riley Found Common Ground With Friedman

Reporting On Negotiating With ISC Attorney Edward B. Friedman

Ronald J. Riley's Response To Friedman Demand Letter

ISC lawyers demand retraction. Riley Begs Their Forgiveness

Was Friedman Preparing to Sue InventorEd?

Neustel Bullied Into Retraction

Mike Neustel Files RICO Against Friedman & Friedman And A Handful Of Their Clients

Invention Submission Corporation (ISC) Sues Mike Neustel

8-1999 Class Action Notice

11-1998 Invention Submission Corporation Owner Martin S Berger Threatens Don Bergquist 


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  • Above Board Drafting, Incorporated

  • Adrian, Brian M. (Atty with Friedman & Friedman) 
    Attempts to use IEd Mail List

  • Bhakar, Vidya R. (Kaardal & Associates, PC)

  • Berger, Martin (owner ISC)

  • Ecosearch Corporation Washington Patent Services, Inc. (Barbara & Dan Ferrew)


    Edward B. Friedman
    Friedman and Friedman
    Counsel For ISC

    900 Fifth Ave 2nd Floor
    Pittsburgh, PA 15219
    Domain Name: FRIEDMAN-LAW.COM
    Telephone 412-261-5834 - Fax 412-261-0350

  • INPEX is a trade show sponsored by ISC INPEX WEB SITE

  • Intromark (ISC)

  • Kaardal & Associates, (owner Kaardal, Ivar) (patent firm who works with invention promoters) 
      !!!! Kaardal, Ivar Retires?????? - Under fire !!!!
    Bhakar, Vidya R. Mr. Kotab writes InventorEd
    Dix, Brendan B. (
    Patent Attorney)
    Eske, Mark A (
    Patent Attorney)
    Huck, Robert K. (
    Patent Attorney)
    Kotab, Dominic M. (Patent Attorney)
    Mr. Kotab writes InventorEd
    Leonord, Troy  (
    Patent Attorney)
    Lingbeck, David A.
    Prochl, Jeff  (
    Patent Attorney)
    Zilka, Kevin (Patent Agent)
    Mr. Kotab writes InventorEd

  • Technosystems Consolidated Corporation (ISC)

  • Thompson, Joe GRAND RAPIDS, MI (ISC)

  • Washington Patent Services, Inc. d/b/a Ecosearch Corporation

  • Western Invention Submission Corporation (WISC)

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Have you been Scammed? Find out what to do here.
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