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Professional inventors wish to help invention promotion companies do the best job possible. To that end we are collaborating with numerous State and Federal agencies to help invention promotion firms achieve their full potential. 

Bill Seidel's activities via IP&R and America Invents had not to date risen to the level to merit their own page on this site except for the fact that he has been aggressively working to get his name removed from the caution list.

Below is a letter he sent concerning his feelings about being listed on the Caution List.  I suspect that at least some of those who have done business with either IP&R or America Invents have similar feelings about their experiences.

Wallet with money flying away It has been widely reported that many companies whose services are of questionable value - or even outright fraud - threaten to sue, and in some cases even threaten to hurt, those who speak out about the problem.  A warning for those who would try to quell free speech in the inventor community.  I work extensively with many journalists and other media.  Any threats, to sue or otherwise, will be promptly passed to the media.  This will get the questionable party much more publicity than this page alone does.

Any company who actually brings a SLAPP suit will be counter sued, and all appropriate information gleaned in discovery will be passed to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

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Note, last names of other parties have been redacted, showing **** in their place.

Red highlighting is by InventorEd. 

With the exception of citation numbers bold black, text within the letter is by Mr. Seidel.

America Invents

February l, 2006
Ron Riley
lnventorEd, Inc.
1323 West Cook Road
Grand Blanc, MI48439

Dear Mr. Riley:

I am writing to introduce myself and America Invents ("AI") and also to start what I hope is an open discussion about your website and some postings on the site relating to me personally and to my company, America Invents.

Inventor's Publishing & Research
My name is listed in conjunction with IP&R and America Invents on the lnventorEd website at the following URL: I assume you listed my
name because I used to work with Inventors Publishing & Research ("lPR"). It is important to understand that I did not sign an employment agreement with IPR and would not accept any position and agreed to work with them only on a trial basis. After I left IPR, two clients filed complaints with the USPTO in which my name was innocently mentioned. I would like to address these two complaints specifically. But first let me tell you about my time at IPR.

I started with IPR in late 2001. They were a couple of years old and had little history. I brought in several of my respected friends and colleagues in the invention community, whom you and Dave Pressman know well, to assess the situation at IPR and their response was neutral, nothing bad but nothing great either. IPR brought me in to help the marketing team market and license products. I had no control over how the company was run. They
promised many things, including that I would evaluate prospective products to determine which projects they worked with. When I tied to implement the evaluation system, I was told by Ajay Gupta that IPR would take on any project provided the client could pay. I left
soon after.

After I joined IPR, Ajay Gupta was made President and he ran the company and handled all sales (that is the selling of IPR'S services to inventors). Ajay quickly ramped up the prices to nearly $20,000. When I saw that no changes were going to be made, and that IPR was content making their money from inventors, I left. Much like your colleague and Executive Director of the United Inventor's Association, Bob Lougher, I learned quickly and was able to
walk away from a company that was not reputable.

USPTO Complaint 1
Now I would like to address the two complaints. The first complaint was from Terri Medeiros (http://www.uspto.eov/web/offices/com/iio/complaints_508/ipl49dq!Ieqb!!) (copy attached, see Exhibit A). My name was mentioned because Ms. Medeiros contacted me to find out why her patent was not licensed. I explained that her patent, a design patent, was not very strong in that it covered only one specific design. Nevertheless, I contacted a friend who is in the Halloween and Novelty business to get his opinion. Unfortunately, his opinion was as I expected - the patent did not offer much protection and was not worth a royalty fee.

Ms. Medeiros wasn't upset with me. She was upset because she was told by Mr. Gupta and the sales staff that her patent was great when in fact it wasn't. I was never the subject of the complaint. IPR and Ajay Gupta are the subjects of the complaint. Ms. Medeiros mentioned my name because I attempted to help her. After finding out that my name was mentioned on the USPTO website, Ms. Medeiros wrote a correction letter and sent it to the USPTO, but it
was not published, nor was my name removed from the complaint. A copy of her complaint correction is attached (see Exhibit B). (*)

USPTO Complaint 2
The second complaint was from another client that I tried to help, Robert E iquez
(http://www.uspto.qov/web/offices/cor/iip/complaints 508/ipr effiquez,htm) (copy attached, see Exhibit C). Again, Mr. Enriquez called me wondering why his patent had not been licensed. I was honest with him and told him that the product managers were only
instructed to spend two hours per month on each client (this is from Steve Barbarich the CEO) and that the product managers had more than 50 clients each. Mr. Enriquez was not upset at me, but rather at Ajay Gupta, who had told him IPR spends between 150-200 hours on each project. Again, I was never the subject of the complaint. IPR and Ajay Gupta are the subjects of the complaint. I never though that being honest with a client would land me in the middle
of a complaint. lf you look at the context of the complaint, my name was listed because I provided Mr. Enriquez with the facts he needed to learn that he had been misled. My whistle blowing hardly made me popular with Mr. Gupta, but I wasn't about to lie. After I left IPR, I followed up with Mr. Enriquez to offe! additional assistance.

After leaving IPR, I helped many of IPR's clients get their money back by providing facts about IPR'S operations and motives. I also filed a complaint with the District Attorney's Office, but according to John Calvert, they have bigger fish to fry. After leaving IPR, they
continued to use my name and my individual experience and successes to promote their company, without my consent. It is false to assume that IPR promotions were in any way associated with me, even the ones using my name, picture and products. On three occasions I had to bring in counsel to request IPR to stop. Each time IPR would agree but they did not stop their mailings, which falsely named me as an officer. The third time, and at sizable
expense, I retained a leading law firm to force IPR and their mail house to cease and desist.

America Invents
In early 2003 I joined America Invents, LLC. America Invents dillgenty screens each product it sees before deciding whether or not to work with the product. America Invents works with 5% of the products we are presented with. We specialize in a few categories and have an expert product manager that focuses on each category. We make our profit from

licensing royalties and sales commissions from retail product sales. The majority of our clients work with us on a partial contingency basis, meaning we share the cost of the project with our clients. We also leave room in our budget so we can bring on clients on a full
contingency basis. About 20% of our clients are on a full contingency program where America Invents pays for all marketing and licensing efforts. Furthermore, we require that each client warrant that their income is at least $50,000 per year or that they have assets in excess of$100,000. This assures us that they are not getting in over their heads financially.  We always emphasize the risky nature of product development and licensing before anyone
becomes an AI client. We encourage everyone to do their homework on every company they are considering working with, including us.

(*) America Invents is in good standing with the state, federal and private regulatory agencies, including the Secretary of State and the City of San Francisco.

America Invents has been in business over 20 years and is a member in good standing with the (*) Better Business Bureau. America Invents is a member in good standing with the United Inventors Association.

I invite you to learn more about myself and America Invents. I would be happy to share any information you may need in order for you to feel comfortable about me and my company.

My background and Experience
I have known Dave Pressman over 20 years. In the last 24 months, he has referred several
people and clients to America Invents and me. Dave has been an attorney for two of my toy companies, a guest speaker in several of my classes, and a co-presenter and panel participant at several conferences where we were both speakers. In fact, I have a signed original manuscript of Patent It Yourself complete with hand written notes. He also lists America Invents in the latest edition of Patent It Yourself.

I write for lnventors' Digest and have for three years. Joanne originally questioned the publication of my name on, but after learning the facts of the matter and speaking with several of my colleagues, she dismissed it. Furthermore, America Invents has been advertising in Inventors' Digest for 12 years and, as you know, she will not take advertising money from invention promotion companies.

Maurice Kanbar, the creator and founder of Skyy Vodka and a prolific inventor, references America Invents in his Secrets from an  Inventor's Notebook. Along with America Invents (page l7l) Maurice lists only (*) Arthur D. Little Enterprises and Battell Development Corporation.

I am personally referenced and acknowledged in Stand Alone Inventor, the best-selling grassroots invention book by Bob Merrick, and I traveled with Bob to Puerto Rico in 1993 at the request of Don Kelly to speak at the USPTO Innovation Conference.



My efforts in education at the university level span over 20 years. I taught, wrote and instituted classes on innovation, entrepreneurship, marketing innovation and product development at UC, Berkeley and San Francisco State.

I co-authored Commercializing Federal Laboratory Technology with Larry Udell and we consulted with the National Laboratories on implementing these strategies. I am a court approved expert witness for product and marketing litigation and I addressed the California
Senate on marketing issues as a court-approved authority and expert.

For over 20 years I have been freely providing valuable information to everyone from Games Magazine and Dan Rather to literally thousands of inventors. I have managed the marketing and innovation for great entrepreneurs such as Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari and father of the Video Game Industry, and leading innovators such as Robert Warden, co-founder of the Infomercial Industry. And I have worked with leaders in marketing such as Jay Levinson, author of the Guerrilla Marketing series, and business visionaries such as Michael Gerber, international speaker and author of the E-Myth Business books, for whom I was VP of
Marketing and Producer of his radio shows. And I continue to provide valuable information on a daily basis to those who request it.

Next Steps
Rather than posting this correspondence as an Error of Fact on your website, I wanted to write to you directly so that we can begin a dialogue. I feel that the facts regarding the nature of my role at IPR have been taken out of context. I realize you have not heard from me and thus probably do not have a full and accurate picture of me or America Invents. I would like to rectify that.

Obviously I would like to have my name removed from the InventorEd website as well as that of America Invents. Much like Bob Lougher, I briefly worked with a company that was not
reputable, but I was fortunate to realize so and walk away. In my short time there I was
responsible for several of their licenses and helped more than 20 clients recover monies paid to IPR.

You have noted that America Invents (*) filed a SLAPP suit against a client. This is an error of fact, as we have never filed suit or threatened to file suit against any client. lf you have reason to believe otherwise, please provide me with the facts so I can address them.

We are aware of a client that wrote an email to InventorEd around July of 2005 because they had a dispute. The client followed with a letter dated October 15, 2005 stating the dispute had been resolved. Due to confidentiality requirements, I will only say the client was a limited liability company located in **City, State** ("Company"). The Company retained America Invents ("AI") to renegotiate an existing license on a contingency basis. The company offered AI a bonus if we were able to renegotiate the license. AI successfully renegotiated with the licensee. We were able to remove the fields of use that the licensee was not pursuing. We were also able to get a higher royalty rate and an advance at signing for the Company. After the license was successfully renegotiated, the Company reneged, tried to terminate our agency agreement and directly contacted the licensee and tried to get them to



withhold our commission. When this failed, the Company filed for mediation. AI won every point of contention in the mediation. We did not counter sue, place a gag order on the Company, nor did we file or threaten to file a SLAPP suit. (*)

America Invents does not deserve to have its name in any context on the Extreme Caution List. America Invents has had no legal action taken against it by the FTC and has had no government or civil action against it. According to your "How the 'Extreme' list was
complied" those are your criteria. America Invents fits none of the criteria. (*)

I am also asking you to place America Invents on your Marketing Service Providers list. I think if you do a little background research on me and America Invents, you will find that we are a reputable marketing, licensing and wholesale sales firm, as well as inventor advocates.

For each inventor we choose not to work with, we explain the problems we see with the project and try to educate them as best we can. Many products we turn down we refer to Gerald Udell's WIN program and other knowledgeable individuals. We would like to refer them to the InventorEd site, but for obvious reasons we do not.
I look forward to speaking with you regarding these matters. You can reach me at 866.503.1717 x223.

Bill Seidel
President & CEO
CC: Dave Pressman

Exhibit A.
Name of the Invention Promotion Company: IP & R Inventors' Publishing & Research
Invention Promoter's Addressr 1550 Bryant, Suite 770, San Francisco, CA 94103
Complainad's Name: Teni Lee Medeiros
Complainanl's Addrcss: l8l Beattie St., Fall River, MA 02723
Customer'sName: TeIri Lee Medeiros
Name of mass media invention promoter advertised in: BLANK
Invention promotion services offered to be performed: BLANK
Explanation of complaint between customer and invention
back o!er $?.000 00 because of 5 years of empty promises
: Knowing that another Invention Co. gave me Ajay Gupta of IP+R called me many times and wrote often trying to get me to sign with IP+R. He promised that he was not like the other company! He offered to pay half my air fair to San Francisco to sit down and talk with him and some people that were already interested. We talked over the phone and he told me it would be $4650.00 in six month's time and for the second time I asked my mother in law to borrow it he knew I could not afford this! I asked him if their worked started after I paid in full he said "no we get started right away", but in letter I was told huny and pay so they could get started. I received letters saying "Excellent Opportunity" you cant afford to wait "Do you want to make good MONEY". Also my marketing department say they have an excellent chance of being licensed. So I signed after almost 2 years of them bugging me. I was hoping, dreaming once again, I suppose! He also told me the contact is for life when it was only six months. Now my brochure comes in with pictures of Halloween bags that I made. He wanted me to send it to him. I told him before I sent them that they were store bought fabrics that I didnt think you could use them because they don't have my design. He was trying to license someone else's designs.
I also received a letter from IP+R saying they submitted my idea to over 40 companies and bought then to trade shows and they loved them and would get back to me. (No proof they even got these letters.  On 5-17-02 I received a letter saying that my marketing manager has been changed (*) to I called to rouih ua'.. - leiu  Sidell told me he had a best friend that owned a Halloween company to call him in two weeks. I called and he said that he checked with him and all the companies the lP+R  said liked my idea, said dont want anything to do with itl Because it was designed parent. So going into this Ajay knew this was going to happen! How can you sell a product without proper prototype? I filed a complaint with Consumer Services in Fall tuver Mass. Ajay denies everything; excuse was he told me to get a sfiorger patent before he signed me knwoing I could not afford this. Also states he told me to contact my patent attorney about it but the only reason he told me to contact my attorney is when I told him I kept getting post cards there were people coping my patent- I have proof of everything in writing.
Thank you,
Terri Lee Medeiros
181 Beattie St. FR. Ma 02723
Nov 5,2002

Exhibit B. Terri Lee Medeiros

Terri Lee Medeiros
l8l Beattie St.
FR., MA 02723

April 5, 2005

Mail Stop 24
Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Alexandri4 VA 223 l3-l 450

To the US patent and Trademark Office
Complaint Collection

Dear Sir or Madam;
Three years ago November 5, 2002 I filed a complaint with your office against  jl].lgT l-"!,fb:".r e Resesrch (rp&-R) bsscd "t r jso s,y; 3;ii;;i;.*"",
ii*T:TgliiF#:,3ff ffi ::,:ffi1"#ii1f,'i.ri,:iffi :1rl,tr; "oy,Yt:":.d
F:{ made bi g promises, nonc of which they Jer-;J;;.
_ -- .r
am,writrns rhis tertcr to ( olrect tbe $4,650 p"id tt;; ;;;; iii.,io .u_i.o tr',.o.vrded and !o corect the !e( ord. when I call,:d IpdR in i-.p,"Jd "i)dij r ,p"t. ," Dur sldel, who told me that my Daient was Dol something that cauld be licrn!ed because rt was a very nanow aod specific desicn patenr. lle tried to get my Doney refunded, ttr uctobe-r of.2002 BiU Sidel war no lonlcr at tp&R.
*.. :::ttn':. tb"t ho p-assed. Mr. Sidet cont'cted mc bccause I mentioned his name n II^l-o,T1,"r",* otficc asainst rp&R in Nou"_rc.oilooi. i,i.t"iiirttro ." ir r-'vould conecr tbe complEint to reflect whar actua y occuned. M;l;;;; _, ," a{mage Mr. seidet buto ser lry morcy retuna.a. 6rir i"ia"iui"i riiiio?. _0.o,0 m: thal my patent coutdn'r be iicenscd when he first saw ir. a.s i*ii, frriiiaa ** senrue and tricd to 8et my money rcftuded. tdr. seidet;;J;"rii.iJili,o ogr.o aly eDployment agreement wih anv of tbese cornpalies and refised to tate 8ny positliD! wth atry ofthese companies. I0 hi;brief time rhe"e he ,rus ,espon"iti, i"rlii"i"rg se /erar,mventors producrs and rerpiog ao refuoa i"r"nto.r,'olq.' ei"ri" iit r,"
i:l,jyd tnany iuve ors with direcriois to I"gA ,e*i"", "r,a ["droa. a.r*"ll n rO, ro! I to ttns compatry.
,^ .I_would
like to tbank the pa rnt Office for pubtishing my complaint ard I would likc to JlaDk you in advance for the :onection or the r@ord.
Terri ke Medeiros A -77*,^'t'7a fur;'.
t/rf t;{

Exhibit C.
DATE OF CORRESPONOENCE: November '18. 2002
Name ofthe Invention Prcmotion Company: lnventors Publishing & Research
Invention Promote/s Address: 1550 Bryant Street Suite 770 San Francisco, CA 94103
ComDlainants Name: Roberl Endauez
Complainant's Addressr 2435 Zandia Avenue Long Beach, CA 90815
Custome/s Namer Robert Enriquez
Name of mass media invention prcmoter adveriised inr Direct Mail
Invention promotion seNices offered to be performedr Product development, marketing, licensing negoliations.
Explanation of complaint between customer and invention promoter:
lP&R or lnvenlorg Publighing & Research m6de many promises of deliverables and proof of perfomance. They
cleim lo have a 2596 success ete in orofitablv licensino those that thev sion on. I gened wrth lhem afrer a
oay'ong n"gouuuon rnun - tAray \'uprar or wnar was ro oe penormeoi wnar was Lo oe
delivered and discussing hot{ long the proiect could take. lt was estimated that tho projoct would take aboul
170 man hou6 to go through the pfocess offinding a licensee. Yet when I was demanding proof of
performance and markethg collalee|, lBillSeidell inforned rne that they only spend one
moming on each proiect every 2 weeks; lhat is a total of 8 hours per month and 48 hours ovor six month
contract. There se6ms lo be no realgoelto license anything quickly. Since I refused to pay lhe second halfof
the agreod amount. They refuse to gend the prototype thal I did pay to have built. I found thal my second and last representative was new to the company and hed 40 accounlsl They showed my product wilhout prior approval pdor to my signing an agreement and informed that they had two companies interested in my product;
the companies were never disclosed. Thglqsearch they provided was only a SIC listing of manufadturers
commonly provrcec uyE. The information on the best:ft oompany ivas outdated and
inaccurato. The marketing collateralconsisted ofa one-pag6 flyer they consider to be a brochure and the
refused to do anymore. They touted many diffeenl marketing channels (producl brochures, d6monslralion
videos, CO ROMS, web marketing, Plblic relations, and Power Poinl presentation) but only utilize the phone
and email. They signed an oxclusive contract as lP&R, but tired to market my product through a sister company
called When I brought to their attention thal the website touted a 180
day launch plan, they told me my agreement was not with absolutelynew.coml
Signedr /3/ Robert Enriquez Date: November 18,2002




















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