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You can help.  We are seeking copies of all documents which inventors have received from an invention promoter, including America Invents.  Contracts are especially sought.  Feel free to black out personal information but be sure to leave the dollar amounts visible.  We would like to hear from you, and your  identity is safe because of law which shields the identities of journalist's sources.  Documents and comments you send will help us build a profile of each invention promotion company.  Also, we love to hear from employees who are ready for whatever reason to give us an inside view of each and ever invention promoter. Such information will help us develop and publish information about both those who are good and those who are not.

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Professional inventors wish to help invention promotion companies do the best job possible. To that end we are collaborating with numerous State and Federal agencies to help invention promotion firms achieve their full potential. 

Bill Seidel's & Ken Tarlow's activities via IP&R and America Invents had not to date risen to the level to merit their own page on this site except for the fact that Mr. Seidel has been aggressively working to get his name removed from the caution list.

In the interests of fairness we have created this  section to allow him to explain his side of the story, to display the most important parts of what is known or what inventors have alleged to be their experiences, and to make  Mr. Seidel's comments available so that aspiring inventors can judge for themselves rather or not it is wise to risk their hard earned money on America Invents.

We have posted an Correction of Error of Fact Regarding SLAPP correction notice on the home page of InventorEd to give it the broadest possible exposure.

Wallet with money flying away It has been widely reported that many companies whose services are of questionable value - or even outright fraud - threaten to sue, and in some cases even threaten to hurt, those who speak out about the problem.  A warning for those who would try to quell free speech in the inventor community.  I work extensively with many journalists and other media.  Any threats, to sue or otherwise, will be promptly passed to the media.  This will get the questionable party much more publicity than this page alone does.

Any company who actually brings a SLAPP suit will be counter sued, and all appropriate information gleaned in discovery will be passed to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

The Issues:

1) Bill Seidel worked for IP&R, allegedly in a management position & was placed on the Watch List with all known IP&R management & sales staff.

2) The USPTO published complaints, one specifically naming Bill Seidel.  These complaints triggered listing IP&R and all known associates on the Extreme Caution List.

3) Bill Seidel and Ken Tarlow both left IP&R to do work under Tarlow's business name America Invents.

4) America Invents was already listed in the Caution List because Ken Tarlow's business profile fits that described on our co-inventor warning page and we had received one complaint that a disgruntled former client had been forced into signing a gag agreement which is very similar to what happens with SLAPP.

5) Bill Seidel took over American Invents, thereby being associated with an alleged SLAPP.  In this case it was a SLAPP through mediation, no doubt involving the friendly retired judge arbitrator where an inventor was forced into signing without a refund a gag agreement.  The time frame for the action was late in 2005, at which time the inventor asked us to destroy the records related to their complaint. Needless to say we retained the information and will publish if pressed on the matter.

Bill Seidel's arguments:

See his letter by clicking the link.

1) Bill Seidel argues that he should not be on the caution list, and especially objects to his listing being changed from the Watch to the Extreme list.  As explained above this was due to the USPTO's action of publishing complaints naming his then current employer IP&R.  Furthermore, Bill Seidel is explicitly named in one complaint.

2) Bill Seidel is especially upset about being associated with an alleged SLAPP.  While we have no knowledge of any direct participation in the SLAPP via mediation by Bill Seidel it appears to us that he was managing the company at the time. 

3) Bill Seidel has a long laundry list of other grievances which I urge aspiring inventors to read our comments in the sidebar here.

5) One of his allegations is especially troubling and flat out false, and that is that his name could be removed if he donated to InventorEd.  InventorEd has never solicited or accepted a donation from anyone associated with an invention promotion company.

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Supporting Documents:

Correction of Error of Fact Regarding SLAPP

Bill Seidel Letter

Inventor Letter - To be posted soon

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Events Detailed:

IP&R and the dozen of so other names they operate under today and Ken Tarlow (America Invents) were each on the watch list because their modus operendi  were very similar to other invention promoters who are very good at talking inventors out of their money and not at all effective in marketing inventions. 

Bill Seidel went to work for IP&R in a management capacity. 

Another solo promoter named Ken Tarlow who ran a small operation named America Invents joined IP&R.  America Invents was flagged as having sued and inventor (SLAPP) on the Watch List.

Eventually Bill Seidel & Ken Tarlow left IP&R (but after a complaint was published on the USPTO web site naming Seidel).

Per InventorEd policy IP&R and all their known employees were moved from the Caution Watch List to the Extreme Caution List.  This was a result of the publication of complaints by the USPTO on their web site which is an action by a Federal agency.

After leaving IP&R Bill Seidel and Ken Tarlow then operated under America Invents for some time.  Eventually Ken Tarlow dropped from sight America Invents (we have no information on the circumstances and would appreciate hearing from anyone who knows the details), leaving Bill Seidel in control.

In early 2006 Bill Seidel started campaigning to have his and his company name removed from the Caution List.

To that end he contacted author David Pressman (a Director of InventorEd) pleading for Pressman to intervene.  At Dave Pressman's request I talked to Bill Seidel, he sent some documentation to support his position.  The documentation in question was incomplete, lacked crucial contact information, and a request for the missing information went unanswered.  We filed the material and considered the matter closed.

During Seidel's campaign we received letters from "friends and associates which amount to endorsements.  He does have something of a fan club. 

But such endorsements do not change the fact that that Seidel was an employee of IP&R, that there is a published complaint specifically naming him on the USPTO web site, and that he subsequently acquired America Invents from Ken Tarlow which also had its own checkered history.

Once a person is listed on the Caution list as an invention promotion employee and that person then is found to be working for another promoter that business is also listed.

We track the movement of sales and management staff of invention promoters because it is common for people who have worked for such businesses to move to other promoters and to eventually set up their own business. 

George Davison is one example of this.  He started with Invention Submission Corporation (Now known as, then worked for another promoter, and eventually started Davison Research.  George Davison lost a case with the FTC which resulted in a 26 million dollar restitution order by the court but he actually took $90 million from unwary inventors.

Any invention promotion company who charges upfront fees (which today are typically in the range of 10-50 thousand dollars) is suspect. 

There are contingency marketing companies.  They generally focus on a narrow market segment and it is through their in depth contacts in a market segment that they are able to effectively market.  It is our opinion that any promoter who is effective can and should use a contingency business model.  This removes most of the concerns which have developed as a result of widespread invention promotion fraud.

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USPTO Published Complaints

Read the Caution Flags List at

Another information source is: Invention Marketing Companies

National Congress of Inventor Organizations (NCIO)

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