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Ronald J. Riley Replies To Advent Product Development (ADP)

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Ronald J. Riley
1323 West Cook Road
Grand Blanc, Michigan  48439
(810) 655-8830 - Fax (810) 655-8832


  Tuesday, March 09, 1999


Fisher, Fisher & Berger, Attorneys at Law
One Whitehall Street
New York, New York 10004-2109
Telephone: (212) 514-8888
Facsimile: (212) 514-9016  

Dear Mr. Fisher:    

        I was pleased to talk with you today regarding your client, Advent Product
Development (ADP).  Before receiving your letter dated February 23,1999 today, Advent
was just a name on a long list of invention promotion firms.  But receipt of your letter has
piqued my and many other peoples’ interest in APD.  

        I am anxious to show inventors the truth about APD.  I am ready and willing to
correct any errors of fact.  But your letter was not at all clear as to what you are asking
for.  I am sorry to say that our telephone conversation did not really help either.  

        Many people in the inventor community are collaborating to help steer inventors to
invention promotion firms who have track records which demonstrate that the invention
promoter is effective.  I invited you to supply such information during our telephone
conversation today.  Frankly I am surprised that you were unable or unwilling to tell
me exactly what you feel is wrong with my listing of Advent on the caution page.  In fact
you admitted that all buyers of services should exercise caution in selecting service
providers.  That is the message this web page delivers to inventors.  

        Since you were unable to clarify your client’s position, I have removed their current
listing (one line)  on the caution page in favor of giving them their own web pages.  This allows
space for much more information.  In the absence of more specific guidance from you as
to what your client feels is the truth, I have posted your letter dated 2-23-99 and this
reply on said web site (cite?) so that all interested parties may interpret your meaning for
themselves.  This allows you and your client instant access to influence readers of the
caution web page.  

        I was surprised that you seemed uncomfortable about my sharing our correspondence
with other interested parties.  By sharing such information I am helping your client
broadcast their views.  

        So, in the interest of  bringing this matter to a conclusion as soon as possible, I have 
forwarded your letter and this reply to the appropriate authorities at both the USPTO and
the FTC, so that we all may work together to formulate policy in regards to invention

       In addition, I will forward the correspondence to journalists, and encourage those
journalists to contact your client.  This will give your client a suitable public forum to
state their position in national publications.  

       I am looking forward to both you and your client’s working with both governmental
agencies and the inventor community to help make our country’s invention promotion
service providers the best in the world.  

  Ronald J. Riley

CC: FTC, USPTO, InventNet

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